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Harem ascendancy

"Yu, look at the stars in the sky." Yan Yu raised his eyes along her voice, looked at the sky, and then looked at Shen Layue. It's beautiful, isn't it? The little fellow looked at the sky again, pursed the corners of his mouth, and said, "En." Remember what I told you? My mother died when I was young. Speaking, the twelfth lunar month has not been looking at Yan Yu, but staring at the sky. When Yan Yu saw her like this, he also looked at the starry sky and replied, "I remember.". You said that a long time ago. "Yuer has a good memory.". My mother was gone at that time, and I was very sad. My grandmother told me that everyone who left was not dead, but went to the sky and became the brightest star in the sky. And protect your loved ones. We, on the other hand, can see them as soon as we look up at the stars. You see, they are far away from us,coltan ore processing, but they will blink at us! The other side is telling us that he is guarding us. Yan Yu turned his eyes away and looked back at the twelfth lunar month. "Mother, your grandmother is lying.". She must have seen you stupid when you were a child and lied to you. My grandmother wouldn't lie to me. Grandmother treats me the best. The twelfth lunar month brings up a smile, also does not look at him, is still maintains that posture, asks: "How do you know is deceives people?"? Did you talk to the stars? Did you ask them? If the brightest star is our relatives, then all we see is a starry sky,manganese beneficiation plant, the brightest star. But he won't be a relative of each of us. The twelfth lunar month smiled and pinched his face. "But everyone feels different.". You think this one is the brightest, but I think it's that one. Haven't you ever had a disagreement with Jia'er because of this? It's not that you are wrong, and it's not that he is wrong. It's just that the relatives you miss are different, and the feelings are naturally different. I think the brightest star is different. Perhaps the saying of the twelfth lunar month really convinced Yan Yu. He frowned and thought for a moment. He also looked up at the starry sky. His little face was full of loneliness. Mother. "Eh?" "You don't have to be partial to me. In fact, I know you want to comfort me, don't you?" A big tear fell from his little face. The last month of the twelfth lunar month held him in her arms with heartache: "How could it be?"? Mother is not comforting you. What I said is true. If we miss the queen mother, shall we look up at the stars? "Good," sobbed Yan Yu. I miss my own mother, and I miss my grandmother. But they all left me, am I not good? So they don't like me? He cried out. These days, he is also extremely uncomfortable. How come? Yuer is the best. Every one of us likes you. Don't you remember what I told you before? You can't belittle yourself like this. If you do this, not only me, Portable gold trommel ,gold cil machine, but also your father, you will be very distressed. "Father loves his younger brother and sister more." He expressed his worries. There was nothing unusual when she heard this in December. Instead, she stroked his head and comforted him by saying, "That's because my younger brother and sister are younger.". They need more care. When Yuer was as young as his younger brother and sister, his father liked you so much. But when you grow up, you will forget what happened when you were young. Younger brothers and sisters are the same. Whether it's Xiao Jiaojiao or Xiao Sier or Xiao Wuer, when they're as old as you, your father will also prefer younger brothers and sisters! Little Yan Yu put his head on Shen Layue's body and continued to murmur, "When I was young, I must not be as naughty as Xiao Si'er and as dull as Xiao Wu'er.". Or my grandmother wouldn't like me the most. "恩 . Little Yuer is the best. And the smartest. "Grandmother is very kind to me.". But I'm not a good boy. I always lie to her. The little fellow went into a state of repentance. Is Yuer always pretending to be ill? Yan Yu looked at Shen Layue in surprise: "You, you, how do you know?" The twelfth lunar month smiled, "I found it by myself.". Yuer wants her grandmother to pay more attention to you, so she always pretends to be ill, right? Yuer is not bad. I have found that Yuer is malingering, and the Empress Dowager naturally found it earlier. You said she knew you were malingering, but she didn't say anything. Why? Yan Yu looked at the twelfth lunar month in a tangled way. Does the grandmother know? Rubbed his head: "Yu son is a child, ah, children do things, how can you deceive adults?"? The emperor's grandmother loved little Yan Yu the most, and naturally hoped that little Yan Yu would be happy. Little Yan Yu is not a bad boy. You just want your father to care more about you and come to see you more, right? Yan Yu hurriedly nodded: "En.". Father is very busy every day, but as long as I am sick, he will come to see me, so I want to be sick. If I can't get sick, I'll pretend to be sick. As he spoke, he lowered his head and grasped the corner of his coat. Grandmother didn't blame you. In her heart, you are the best child, and she wants you to grow up happily. Do you know that the emperor's grandmother is seriously ill, but she insists that I ascend the throne? Looking at his puzzled eyes, she said, "I hope I can be the queen as soon as possible, so that even if she is gone, someone will protect and take care of you little ones.". She said, maybe your father will have other children in the future, but in her memory, there are only a few of you. She wants you to be happy and grow up healthy. "Mother.." A timid voice sounded. The twelfth lunar month looked at Yan Jia standing by the door in thin clothes, looking at the two of them with tears in their eyes. Come on. As they talked,gold CIP machine, Jinxin went to the inner room. I guess I didn't notice that Yan Jia woke up. He held Yan Jia in his arms and put on his big shawl for him. The three of them hugged each other. I miss my grandmother, too. He sniffled and his tears began to fall. Yan Yu casually wiped his brother's tears and talked about what he had just said in December. Yan Jia's eyes were bright: "Brother, is it true?"? Is it true that they will become the brightest stars to guard us? "Yes." Yan Yu nodded heavily.

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