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But in a short moment, the huge body of the wind God disappeared without a trace, and the young man in black, whose face was uncertain, suddenly let out a sharp roar. Unexpectedly, he had worked hard to make a wedding dress for someone else. Whoever you are? I'll kill you! The young man in black raised his head to the sky with a roar, and then his body turned into a huge black scorpion body, which trembled into tens of thousands of small black scorpions and sank into the earth. And dozens of miles away from here in the air, the figure of the ghost tiger and Zhao Fuchen suddenly appeared, only to see the ghost tiger with a blue diamond-shaped godhood in his mouth, Hei Hei said with a smile: "These two guys are celestial level, strength is not weaker than me, but finally this godhood still fell into my hands, Zhao boy, now you know how useful my stealth ability is!"! Hey, hey! Seeing the elated appearance of the ghost tiger,portable gold wash plant, Zhao Fuchen was speechless for a while, but he also had to admit that if it were not for the ability of invisibility, the two of them were really quite rare. The ghost tiger opened his mouth to spit out the godhood in his mouth into Zhao Fuchen's hand and said, "The godhood of the lower God condenses the immortal spirit and other ranks to find a suitable one for your present practice!" Then carrying Zhao Fuchen on his back, he turned into a streamer and disappeared. Chapter 277 unexpected changes in the realm of the fifth collection of great achievements. Floret, how to use this godhood? Sitting firmly on the width of the ghost tiger,mineral flotation, Zhao Fuchen took out his blue godhood from his bosom and asked. Inspire with divine consciousness. The ghost tiger answered lazily. Divine consciousness? When Zhao Fuchen heard this, he nodded and stared blankly at the diamond-shaped godhead. The power of the soul. The ghost tiger explained, scratched his head with his sharp claws, and said to himself: "How can I use the name of the immortal? Is it that the soul of the immortal devoured more before?" Ignoring the ghost tiger who was talking to himself, Zhao Fuchen immediately raised his godhood to his chest, his eyes shining with divine light, and the sword-shaped soul in the depths of his mind shot out the power of a soul. "Hum ~" At the moment when the invisible power of the soul shot into the blue godhood, an invisible pressure suddenly appeared out of thin air, which made the ghost tiger that had been flying in the air have to stop in the air. Damn Shenwei! The ghost tiger skimmed the tiger's mouth, but fortunately this godhood is only the lower godhood of the celestial level, in addition to making it a little uncomfortable, Portable gold trommel ,chrome washing machine, but also can not hurt it. Zhao Fuchen didn't have time to listen to the murmur of the ghost tiger. At the moment when the power of the soul shot into the godhood, the godhood full of pressure immediately flew out of Zhao Fuchen's hands, spinning in the air, and shooting out thousands of blue lights on Zhao Fuchen's head. As soon as ten thousand blue lights came out, the fairy spirit within a radius of several miles seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, and poured into the palm-sized godhood one after another. With the influx of fairy spirits, more and more. The blue light on the godhood suspended on the top of Zhao Fuchen's head is also getting stronger and stronger. Until the end. It is as dazzling as a small blue sun. Feel the more and more powerful power coming from the godhood. The ghost tiger turned his head and looked. I saw Zhao Fuchen still staring blankly at the God above his head. "Why don't you do it?" He shouted. Hear the ghost tiger to drink. Originally some dazed Zhao Fuchen's eyes suddenly cleared. Invisible, the power of the soul is instantly useful. And sank into the blue light of godhood. Hum ~ ~ ~ " Stimulated by the power of Zhao Fuchen's soul. The blue light hung on the top of Zhao Fuchen's head, and the godhood suddenly sent out a violent fluctuation. And then a mighty force came out of it. Deep blue light all over the sky. Burst out of godhood as substance. Feel the powerful force that spews out of this godhood. Zhao Fuchen's face was suddenly happy. Open your mouth and breathe in the blue power of the place in the godhood. Suddenly, the blue light all over the sky poured into Zhao Fuchen's mouth like a hundred rivers running into the sea. As the last trace of blue light entered Zhao Fuchen's mouth, the godhood that had hung over his head suddenly darkened and fell from the air. Seeing this, the ghost tiger took it in his hand and was waiting to turn around to check the situation of Zhao Fuchen on his back. Suddenly, a strange and powerful force came from the place where Zhao Fuchen was sitting behind him, and the ghost tiger flew out. The ghost tiger, who was not prepared at all, was thrown far into the air by the force of this sudden attack before he could stabilize his figure. As soon as he steadied himself, the ghost tiger hurriedly looked up at where Zhao Fuchen was. The look on the tiger's face suddenly changed. Zhao Fuchen's face was painfully twisted and suspended in the air. A handful of blood fog was spraying out from his whole body with a blue light column. Roar!!! Zhao Fuchen, whose face was full of pain and distortion, raised his head to the sky and sent out a roar of pain, which resounded through the sky. Not good Seeing this situation, the ghost tiger immediately cried out in his heart that it was not good and thought of the problem. These days, Zhao Fuchen, relying on the help of Xuanyuan Sword, has played a comparable strength to the realm of celestial beings in several exchanges with the land of the ghost tiger, which also makes the inertia of the ghost tiger forget that Zhao Fuchen's true cultivation is only the realm of true immortals, but the wind system godhood is the lower godhood of the realm of celestial beings, which condenses the divine power produced by the spirit of immortals. Zhao Fuchen, who is really higher than the realm of true immortals, is not what he can bear at all, even if Zhao Fuchen's practice method is weird. And the consequence of forced use, is to be overbearing divine power to burst the body and die, the thought of this possible situation, the ghost tiger immediately burning with anxiety, face hesitated, mouth spit out the black and white inner alchemy. The black and white inner alchemy flew to the front of Zhao Fuchen. There was a flicker of hesitation in the eyes of the ghost tiger. Then he gritted his teeth. Suddenly, a black and white light column shot out of the inner alchemy. The mellow and incomparable power instantly sank into Zhao Fuchen's body. Shot out this life yuan Li, black and white inner alchemy obviously dim a trace,coltan ore processing, but the ghost tiger at this time can not have time to heartache, the whole heart of the emperor and his mind has a connection with the life yuan Li forced into Zhao Fuchen body, want to use their own mellow but not overbearing life yuan Li to suppress the divine power produced by the wind system godhood.

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