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Buddha-like Master [Quick Wear] (1)

Although you can't hurt others, you generally can't stop others from hurting others. In the martial arts world, the victory or defeat is all in the square inch. To let one person show mercy is tantamount to killing him. I don't think I'm qualified to do this kind of thing. However, after all, there is a premise, that is, the difference between the two sides is not big. When two armies confront each other and kill each other, it is called a battle of equal strength. The well-armed army rushed into the city and attacked the civilians, which was an inhuman massacre. There is nothing wrong with the former, but the latter must be stopped. Now, what this man in white has done is no different from a massacre. With his thumb and middle finger, he stopped the sword before it cut off the third head. The figure of the white bamboo hat was obviously a little surprised. He drew his sword hard and said, "Is this the enemy, too?" Wu Zheng had a flash of inspiration when he said this, and he remembered! He had indeed seen the white bamboo hat before, when they had just entered the inn, and the only one who ate in the lobby was the white bamboo hat, who had previously doubted whether he was the one who left the mark. But now it seems that the white bamboo hat is not only not the person who left the mark,30ml Dropper Bottle, but also the opposite, is Liu Zhou's companion. Continue to reason, the real identity of the other side is. "Murong Bai?" Asked Wuzheng in surprise. The white bamboo hat snorted, withdrew the sword, flew to kick down a few big fellow, fell in front of Liu Zhou. "Who did you pick up on the road?" He asked lightly. Liu Zhou said, "It's all Right. You don't have a problem with your brain." Murong Bai: ".." Liu Zhou smiled,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, pulled Murong Bai's collar, drew a gesture to the gate, and pulled Murong Bai to fly outside the door together. The moon tonight is particularly round and bright. On the plain outside the city, the figures of the three men had nowhere to hide. They hid behind a hill in a grove, and heard a noise not far away, and the city's masters came out on horseback with torches to chase them. The other side is full of confidence: "They can't go far!"! And poisoned! Look carefully! "We must avenge our brothers!" Murong Bai also blew up my inn! I lost a lot of money! "Chase!" Three people's ears are so good that they are speechless when they hear this. "So you bombed the inn," said Liu Zhou in a low voice. Wu Zheng looked wronged: "Where did I get the tools?"? It was the boss who blew it up himself, and he blamed me! Murong Bai Liangliang said, "I heard that the innkeeper had long wanted to find an opportunity to renovate the inn, but he was short of money." No argument frightened: "No wonder!"! It's all your fault for being too rich! Murong Bai was very unconvinced and said, "We earn every cent of our money.". You don't know how much effort I spent to get us out of poverty and become rich when our faction was built in a remote place. Now the people in that ravine still want to worship our faction. "Thank you for your hard work," said Liu Zhou. Murong Bai:.. Don't talk like it's none of your business! Ask without dispute: "You send … …" Does it refer to the Demon Sect? How is the Magic Sect now? Is there any hope of dominating Wulin? I don't know if it was his illusion, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but when he mentioned it, Murong Bai and Liu Zhou suddenly looked gloomy, the atmosphere between the three of them became dignified, even the moon was hidden deep in the clouds, and the night revealed a deep side. Wuzheng immediately realized that the question was not very good, but he knew nothing about Jianghu and really did not know where the mistake was. He looked left and right, but the expression on Liu Zhou's face remained unchanged for thousands of years, and Murong Bai was wearing a bamboo hat, which was covered with a veil and could not see anything. Finding minefields everywhere, the hamster shrank back helplessly: "I'm sorry." Liu Zhou laughed. "Don't say that. It's not a big deal.". You used to stay in the mountains and forests. Why didn't you know anything? "I used to listen to my master and herd sheep in the mountains," said Wuzheng honestly. "No wonder." Liu Zhou touched his chin. "If you go down the mountain to inquire when you are herding sheep, you will know that there was a big event in Wulin two years ago." Liu day said here not to say, no dispute subconsciously feel that the other side is in a bad mood, for a time also dare not ask again, had to hold back. But Murong Bai picked it up and said coldly, "Say it.". Isn't it no big deal? "All right, don't push your luck," said Liu Zhou. Murong Bai said, "You're used to being a coward. Not only do you think you don't remember, but you don't even want to talk to others?" ".." said Liu Tian. I won't argue with you. Don't kick your nose in the face. Liu Zhou turned his head and looked reluctant to speak. No argument to listen to the two of them inexplicably quarreled, one more angry than the other, and they do not even know how to persuade, but also very depressed. But that's not the only thing he cares about. Murong Bai is also very strange. In the first two worlds, no dispute has been very familiar with Murong Bai, see people called Xiaobai. He firmly believes that there is a strange connection between himself and the other side, as long as he sees it, he can recognize people, which is also one of the most important reasons for him to find the villain to save the world. But in this world, he looks bad. The first person he recognized as Murong Bai was not the white bamboo hat, but Liu Zhou. Even after he saw the white bamboo hat, he did not feel that the other party was Murong Bai. He inexplicably firmly believed that even if the other side is really Murong Bai, it is absolutely just the same name, not his small white. To say that this Murong Bai is not like Xiaobai, that is not true either. Although they have not been together for a long time, they can see many world-destroying qualities from each other, such as neuroticism, unusual persistence, and cold-blooded ruthlessness. But even with these qualities, Wuzheng still doesn't think this is Xiaobai. His little white.. He is a more confident person. Xiaobai will do anything to calculate everything, he believes only himself, so even if all the people around him betray him,Glass Cream Jars, he will not complain, only a person will go to the end. He looked at Murong Bai inconspicuously, but his eyes unconsciously shifted to Liu Zhou beside him. Liu Zhou noticed his eyes and smiled at him carelessly.

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