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Selected short stories by Li Bihua

Pick the most plump goose, which is soaked in brine until it is golden and glittering, shining with oil, and can shine on people. Touch the goose's breast with your hand, flick the back of the knife, pat its body kindly, put it on the chopping board, look at it and cut it open. After breaking the chest, there is still marinade leaking out, but it doesn't matter. The cooked goose is cold before it wields the knife to pick up the meat and remove the bone. Cha Cha Cha. Quickly cut into thin slices, arrange neatly, scoop up a spoonful of old brine, the juice will drill into the meat seam, in a twinkling of an eye, the black sweet has invaded the goose meat, adding more color. Smell the fragrance far away. And pick up a handful of coriander and coriander to accompany the dish. Mom, another plate of bone-in. Add a gooseneck. The pure meat has the pure meat delicious, but the family is eats the marrow to know the taste, the bone also has the bone delicious. Then, the kitchen fried a dish of cabbage, a dish of goose intestines and goose red, satay beef,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, baked tofu in brine (of course, with the juice of stewed goose), frozen crab, pepper pork intestines and pork stomach soup.. He also made up for the failure of sea fishing by steaming aconite with lemon. All of the above are just authentic home dishes, which are the supporting roles of the stewed goose. Goose is fragrant, fresh, sweet, sweet,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, tender and smooth. And a sensual sensuality, a radiance that was black to the end, yes, he surrendered. Like a demon. Tang Zhuoxuan sweated profusely in the small shop developed by the air conditioner, and happily poured four bowls of Chaozhou porridge. End the dinner with a round of applause. I said, "I eat my own geese as big as bittern, and I've eaten black juice. I don't look down on the inferior goods outside." His mother looked at him with satisfaction: "Before and after the Pure Brightness, the goose is the fattest, and the marinade is especially delicious." Is it? Why before and after the Pure Brightness? He asked. "It's seasonal," I said. "Any animal has a certain day when it's at its best. It's the same with people. "Yes, yes, maybe so." "Actually, I've been selling geese for more than ten or twenty years," his mother kept saying. "I only have experience, not theory." Auntie's dish is awesome. It's not easy to start from scratch. A man praised her, Blue Bottle Serum ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and her mother showed a long-lost smile. She is really happy. Because it's a man's relationship. I whispered this to Tang Zhuoxuan, who laughed and asked, "She's not simple, but in fact she's very simple." Yes. She is very simple. No woman wants to be complicated. Just as no woman really puts her "career" first. "Well, Dad calls you Hsieh Yang, and says he can't change your name to Hsieh Yueh-ming." "Is there something to remember on a moonlit night?" He asked. "No." You are there on a moonlit night? So thank it? "How could it be so poetic?" I said deliberately, "But because the strokes of these two characters are simple." He looked up at the moon. "The moon is so round!" "Tang Chuo-hsuan, you are even less poetic than my father!" Tang Zhuoxuan later introduced some friends who wrote food classics, thinking it was propaganda, but they had strongly recommended it when they wrote "Chaozhou Lane". We were on TV. How stupid he is! A shrewd lawyer who doesn't have enough gossip and doesn't know what interesting things have happened in the world is just a vegetarian living in an ivory tower. On his grandfather's birthday, we sent twenty geese in brine. Relatives and friends are overjoyed. Word of mouth. Not to mention my family background, but as the daughter of the owner of a famous restaurant far and near, and educated in business administration (although it is not necessary for geese), I am the right-hand man of lawyer Tang, and I am a very good prospective girlfriend. I know. It's the arrangement of the stewed goose. It's an act of God. Days go by. I know his work, his spare time, his daily life, his joys and sorrows like the palm of my hand. He has another divorce lawsuit on his hands. The visitor is a woman. He has won excellent compensation for her. The figure of alimony is astonishing. In the process, there were seven large boxes of documents involved, which I carried in a wheelbarrow and handled like a baby. Because the lawyer's fee for this lawsuit is also an astonishing figure. On the day of the judge's sentencing, I was so tired that I had to get a massage. He used the expression of his boss and the tone of his boyfriend's voice: "At public expense, at public expense." I laughed: "I have to go to Japan to soak in hot springs at public expense: to cure neuralgia, arthritis, and early menopause!" There is also a more difficult case: a dispute over property. After a man died, somehow, a "concubine" who had endured all the hardships with him came out, took his son and a will witnessed by two lawyers, and fought for the family property with yuan Pei. The old lady yuan Pei was at a loss when she recited the Buddha's name. The eldest son is one of the shareholders of a car company. He is familiar with Tang Zhuoxuan and asks him to seek countermeasures urgently. The lawyer is racking his brains. Can't refuse. I'm the best. How can I tolerate the second wife to come out and knock down the first wife? This is a rare "emotional knot". Although another woman is to pay her youth, blood, tears and opportunities. I gnashed my teeth and said, "I'm sorry, lawyer Tang, I'm prejudiced. I'm right about people, not things." He is angry. "So I'm a lawyer, and you're not," he said with an authoritative wooden face. "Go and book tickets for the 7:30 show," he said, "and let me escape." That's great. Of course I pick and choose the movies. I know what kind of film he likes. He likes those "soul-stirring" love films that specialize in deceiving ignorant men and women. The Titanic, for example. Strange. After the show, we went for coffee. Coffee with brandy. So people seem to be sober and a little drunk. I said, "At such a critical moment of life and death, I don't know where to start with what I want to say." He has not yet come back from the deception of light and shadow: In the past, men and women were more eager to die for love and become butterflies together, but the most powerful love in modern times is to help one party, so that he can be strong and live a better life. It's not a sacrifice, it's cultivation. "Can men do it better than women?" "Of course." He said, "If I really fall in love with someone, I will immediately set up a piece of" peace paper. "" The "safe paper" is a relaxed packaging of the "will",oil dropper bottle, but it is all about the afterlife. Nowadays, it is popular to set up "safe paper" because people who know or make up acquaintances around them are lost without warning. I know best. "You're talking to yourself. Who will execute your will?" "I added instructions to the document, and my colleagues dealt with it after I" said goodbye. ".

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