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A rival in love dressed as a general [entertainment circle] -- Song Hua Chun Xue

Luna and Qin Junming, to help tidy up the table, Qin Junming is obviously the first time to do housework, full of energy, but also considerate to let Luna go to rest first. Guang Qian is washing dishes with an apron, and Shu Ying is cleaning up the kitchen. The two of them talked while working, and Guangqian told him some interesting things about filming, which made Shu Ying itch in his heart, and his face was full of "whine, I also want to film". The three o'clock alarm rang on time, and several people who had finished their lunch break regained their energy and came downstairs to participate in the group activities with a big smile. After some discussion, we decided to watch the movie together. Some people suggest watching horror movies, some people say watching comedies, and some people like suspense dramas, opinions are not uniform. Finally, they gave in to each other and put on a love film. ……” The six guests grinned on their faces and MMP in their hearts. This is not the result I want. This romantic film is made in the United States, and the actors are very famous, but Shu Ying looks familiar but can't name it. I thought the plot would not be too attractive, but as I watched, several people who had been chatting in a low voice did not speak. Everyone was immersed in this damn love, their faces were happy and sad for a while, and Luna and Dong Xiaoye even cried. Shu Ying is also very moved, while people are not paying attention, secretly wiped the corner of the eye. He seemed to have no intention of glancing at the people around him, but found that Guangqian lowered his head with a dignified face, not like watching a movie, but like thinking. Eh? What's he doing? Can't such a wonderful plot attract him? "Whoo, whoo!"! He loves her so much! When the movie was over, Dong Xiaoye finally cried out. Yes! It's hard to love her and not be able to have her. Luna's girlish heart also overflowed and echoed excitedly. Idiot! It's just a movie. Don't cry. Liu Bing touched Dong Xiaoye's hair very carefully and turned to Qin Junming and Guang Qian and said, "Come on, play two games." Qin Junming waved his hand and refused, whispering to Luna, as if to comfort her. Guang Qian seemed not to have heard Liu Bing's words at all, but still sat there thoughtfully. Brother Qian? What happened to you Shu Ying's arm bumped into him, his face leaned over, and he asked in a low voice. As soon as Guang Qian came to his senses, he looked at his little white and pointed face, his big eyes rolling around, and suddenly shrank back. Don't worry I'm going to rest for a while. Without looking at him, Guang Qian got up and walked upstairs. Shu Ying Leng Leng looked at his straight back, some doubts, and some grievances. No matter how he said he would change his face, he wouldn't tell me even if he had something on his mind. Do you think I'm a stranger? It's really hard to serve! Guang Qian sat on the sofa in the small living room, looking up and closing his eyes to meditate. He had just watched too intently, as if he had followed the protagonist through his life. Love but can not love, leaving a life of regret and no choice. Love him but can't have him, this kind of pain, radio shuttle racking , he is really experienced. But after all, it's just a movie, and it's over. And he. The one who is still bouncing downstairs and happy to be an actor, the one whose every move makes my heart beat faster, the one who wakes up every day and wants to see him. Can I be selfish and have him? Chapter 78 Soon it was time to prepare dinner, and Shu Ying and Luna were busy in the kitchen as usual. Luna is much more skillful than when she was cooking in the last issue. While helping, she asks Shu Ying for advice on cooking skills. Netizens are super like to see the picture of Shu Ying in the kitchen, his hands and feet are quick, his movements are flexible, coupled with the beauty of the flourishing age, just like a teenager coming out of the food animation. When Guang Qian came down to help, Shu Ying was still sulking about what had just happened and was too lazy to talk to him. He only threw a bag of peas for him to peel. Guang Qian peeled and thought about his own thoughts, and then found himself throwing the beans in the trash can and putting all the pods in the bowl. He was so frightened that he quickly turned to look at Shu Ying and saw that he was concentrating on cutting vegetables before he breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, not much was thrown away, and the beans were too dirty to pick up, so the pods were covered on them and the bodies were destroyed. Shu Ying came over and glanced at him. He muttered discontentedly, "It's just a little bit." Then he left again. Netizens saw Guangqian covering his chest with his hands and moving his lips, with an expression of "fortunately not discovered". They all laughed to death and complained one after another. [Brother Qian is a hen-pecked husband, hahahaha, like my father doing something wrong!] Shu Ying is not much better, while cutting the bean skin, while thinking about how to prompt Guangqian to blow his hair later. It's definitely not possible to say it explicitly. Since you have to participate in the program, you have to abide by the rules. Fair competition is worth watching. If you hint, Guangqian may not notice that he is so blind and stupid. When the meal was ready, the six guests ate happily on the surface, but in fact they were all thinking about the task. After eating, cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks, several people took a bath, washed their hair, and got busy one after another. Dong Xiaoye and Liu Bing were the first to take a bath. Dong Xiaoye only wiped his hair a little with a towel and then came out in his pajamas. They sat on the sofa playing with their mobile phones and occasionally said a few words. Liu Bing did not seem to notice his hair, Dong Xiaoye was so anxious that he could not say it clearly. He frantically wanted to break his head and look at himself. Guang Qian and Qin Junming also came out of the bath, Guang Qian is still wearing Shu Ying's plaid pajamas, completely as their own private goods. Finally, it was the turn of Shu Ying and Luna, who smiled at each other and encouraged each other. Shu Ying hugs his panda pajamas, went into the bathroom, he has made up his mind, this time to have the courage to cross the Rubicon, absolutely to win! Luna came out after washing her hair, only half dried it, and went downstairs with it loose. Qin Junming looked up at her, frowned, and asked her if she was cold and why she didn't blow her hair. Luna hemmed and hawed and said, "It doesn't matter," feeling a little anxious. The program group is too smart, this kind of task is not clear, how can the male guests take the initiative to complete. Five people sat in the living room, waiting for a long time, did not see Shu Ying come out, was thinking about how he washed so long today, heard the sound of footsteps came. Everyone looked back at the stairs, and when they saw the people, they were all stunned.

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