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Day and night travel

"I know." Tomohiko answered. Kirihara knows very well that he will not forgive a fool who makes the same mistake. Tomohiko scrambled through the narrow gap between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat, took out his clothes from the paper bag on the loading platform, kept his balance in the shaking car, and began to change. When he took off his stockings, he felt a wonderful sense of liberation. Large women's clothes, women's shoes, handbags, wigs, glasses and cosmetics are all arranged by Kirihara. He never mentioned how he got it, nor did Tomohiko ask. Tomohiko has already learned a painful lesson from the experience of getting along with him in the past, and knows that there are many areas in which Tongyuan will never allow others to go beyond the limits. After changing clothes and removing makeup, the car was parked near the subway station. Tomohiko is ready to get off. Come to the office in the evening. Kirihara said. Okay, I was going to go. Tomohiko opened the door and got out of the car. After watching the car leave, he walked down the subway stairs. There are posters of Mobile Suit Gundam on the wall. Be sure to see it, he thought. 2 The course on high voltage electrical engineering is sleepy. According to the grapevine among the students, not only is there no roll call in this course, but there is also a blind eye to cheating in the exam. There are only a dozen or so students in the classroom that can accommodate more than 50 people. Tomohiko sat in the second row, holding back the drowsiness that would make people lose consciousness from time to time, and copied the principles of arc discharge and glow discharge that the white-haired associate professor slowly understood in his notes. If you don't move your hands,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, you may fall asleep at any time. Tomohiko Sonomura is a serious student at school, at least according to the students in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering at Shinwa University. As a matter of fact, whenever he takes an elective course, he will come. He would skip classes, but only in public subjects such as law, art or popular psychology, which had nothing to do with electricity. He is only in the second grade, and there are many such compulsory courses in his schedule. There is only one reason why Tomohiko listens carefully in the class of professional courses-Ryoji Kirihara told him to do so for the sake of his career. Speaking of it,decorative palm trees, Tomohiko's choice to study electrical engineering was influenced by Kirihara. In his senior year of high school, he did well in mathematics and science, and considered studying in the College of Engineering or the College of Science, but it was difficult to decide which department to choose. At that time, Kirihara said to him: "The future is the age of computers. If you can learn this knowledge, you can help me." At that time, Kirihara continued to work on mail-order computer game programs, and was quite successful, and Tomohiko also helped him develop programs. Kirihara's "help" probably refers to the development of his own career. In this regard, Tomohiko once said to Kirihara, since you have this idea, you might as well read it yourself. Kirihara's math and science scores are not inferior to his. At that time, Tongyuan showed a tangled smile on his face. If I had spare money to go to college, artificial grass panels ,outdoor ficus tree, would I need to do this kind of business? Only then did Tomohiko know that Kirihara did not intend to continue his studies. He made up his mind to learn the knowledge of electronics and computers. Instead of facing the future in a muddle, he decided to help others, so that it would be more meaningful to go to school. What's more, he still owes Tongyuan a favor, no matter how many years he spends, he must repay it. The incident in the summer of the second year of high school still left a deep wound in his heart. Based on this reason, Tomohiko decided to take all professional courses as seriously as possible. Surprisingly, Tongyuan read the notes he organized in class very carefully, and in order to understand the contents of the notes, there were professional books piled up beside him. Although Tongyuan has never attended half a class in Xinhe University, he is undoubtedly the person who knows the content of the class best. Kirihara has been interested in one thing recently, that is, debit cards, credit cards and other magnetic cards. You Yanfu began to contact magnetic cards soon after he entered the university. Tomohiko saw some kind of device at school that could read and rewrite the data input on the tape, called an encoder. Hearing Tomohiko mention the encoder, Kirihara's eyes lit up and he said, "Then you can copy the debit card as long as you use that." "Maybe," Tomohiko replied, "but there's no point in doing it. When you use a debit card, you need a password, so you don't have to worry about losing it, do you?" "Password.." Kirihara seemed lost in thought. Two or three weeks later, Kirihara moved a cardboard box the size of a tape recorder into the office where he made personal computer programs. The box contained an encoder, a place to insert magnetic cards, and a panel to display the contents of the tape. Thank goodness you can get this kind of thing. Hearing Tomohiko say this, Kirihara just shrugged his shoulders slightly and smiled. Shortly after getting the second-hand encoder, Kirihara forged a debit card. Tomohiko did not know who the original card holder was, because the card stayed at Kirihara's hand for only a few hours. Tongyuan seems to have used the fake card to withdraw more than two hundred thousand yuan twice. Amazingly, he cracked the password from the data recorded in the magnetic card. However, there is a mystery in it. In fact, before getting the encoder, Kirihara had already successfully interpreted the magnetic card mode. But without a special machine, how to crack it? Kirihara once actually showed it to Tomohiko, which was really surprising. He prepared very fine magnetic powder and sprinkled it on the magnetic strip of the card. After a while, Tomohiko cried out, "Ah!" Thin stripes appeared on the magnetic strip. It's a lot like Morse code, "Kirihara said." I do it repeatedly on cards that know the code in advance, and I see the pattern. Next, reverse the operation, even if you don't know the password, as long as the pattern emerges, you can crack it. "Just sprinkle magnetic powder on a debit card that you pick up and steal at random.." "You can use it." "Really." Tomohiko couldn't think of anything to say. Perhaps his appearance was very funny, and Kirihara showed a rare happy smile from the bottom of his heart. It's ridiculous! Where is it safe? Bank clerks often tell us to keep our passbooks and seals separately, but debit cards are like putting a safe deposit box and a key together. "Do they really think it won't go wrong?" "Someone should know that this thing is actually quite dangerous,artificial coconut palm trees, but it's too late to withdraw their hands, so they have to shut up, and they must be worried that something will happen." Kirihara laughed again.

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