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Honey pet runs away from his wife

"You want to add another gunshot wound to Qiao Ziyan's heart?"? Do you have to look at my age and see my children and grandchildren hurt and die one by one before you give up? Qiao Mosheng looked at Qiao Yucheng, silent for a long time, and finally conceded, "conditions." Qiao Yucheng, "when you come back from New York, you officially take over Qiao's." Qiao Mosheng stood up. "Good." Leaving Joe's house, he went to Canal Five. A year later, many new buildings have been built here. That night, he stood alone by the canal, thinking of the dribs and drabs after he met Cheng Xi. Think of her once dressed in a red dress, think of her smiling face, think of her standing alone in the light of the soft side face. The dark and obscure heart is so soft. In the twenty-fifth year of his life, he had never been so worried about gains and losses as he was at this moment. Still remember, Ming in the Pearl River, he watched Cheng Xi every night was awakened by nightmares, but nothing can be done. Since returning home from the hospital on March 25, Cheng Xi has inadvertently looked at himself with a little more fear. Qiao Mosheng knew that he had finally accidentally hurt her. Watching her try to pretend as if nothing had happened in front of her, the fear and sadness behind her gentle words were like a knife, which cut Qiao Mosheng's heart mercilessly. He can be cruel and determined to treat all the people in the world, but Cheng Xi, he was afraid to hurt her a little bit. The elaborate wedding had to be put on hold. He did not want to make the girl he loved marry him with fear and sadness. In this strange combination of circumstances, many people thought that Qiao Mosheng was the only winner. As everyone knows, in this game, no one wins at all. Qiao Ziyan's persistence in Cheng Xi is not a threat to him. Even death could not make him give up Cheng Xi. Qiao Mosheng understood that in this life, even if Cheng Xi did not love him, she could not really turn a blind eye to Qiao Ziyan in her heart. Lin Hao did not know when to come to him,fake blossom tree, "really want to go to New York?" Qiao Mosheng answered. Over the years, you can't even hear the word New York without changing color. And now for that girl. Qiao Mosheng looked at the endless canal, "Twenty years, some people and things, it is time to put down." Lin Hao nodded, "the world is ancient and difficult to complete, but like a beautiful family, like water, life in general will not be too bad." Time is wasted, and in a twinkling of an eye, it is already another midsummer. Cheng Xi has always been sitting on the bench in the New York City Ballet, guarding a black dance partner who is also not taken seriously, day after day, and dozens of days crowded in a training room, large ficus tree ,large palm trees for sale, sharing a dressing room and dressing room. Watching many girls who practiced dancing with her, Cheng Xi was always as calm as water. Julian said to her one day, "We've been abandoned here." Cheng Xi does not believe, she felt that the time has not yet come. She has not performed on stage for more than half a year. She has a fire hidden in her heart and practices diligently every day. She is waiting for the role that suits her best. After practicing on Saturday afternoon, she was accidentally called to the office by Amy. Amy only wears a simple white T-shirt and jeans, the standard American dress. Seeing Cheng Xi knocking on the door and coming in, he smiled leisurely, "the life of the dance troupe can be adapted." Cheng Xi evaded the important and took the easy way out. "Pretty good." Amy raised her eyebrows. "Are you going to dance with a black partner all your life until you retire?" Cheng Xi looked at him, "perhaps when you look for Julian, will also ask him to say: plan to keep a female dance to the end of life?" Amy was stunned and then burst out laughing. He stood up and walked in front of Cheng Xi, his eyes were so direct that people felt rude, staring straight at her eyes, "Do you know what you are missing?" "You're beautiful," said Amy, walking closer and closer, her blue eyes almost glued to her face, "but you don't make the audience feel charming. Remember, this is America. Excessive restraint of emotions will make others look at it and feel bored. He gently raised Cheng Xi's chin, forcing her to look at herself, "have you ever tried, what is called bone-eroding happiness?" Before Cheng Xi had time to react, Amy bowed her head and kissed her lips. Cheng Xi startled, head suddenly a shake, hit heavily in Amy's eyes. He held his head on the spot and cried out, Cheng Xi took the opportunity to open the door and escape. Running all the way out of the dance company, she stood in the doorway, still in shock. Taking out a wet tissue from her bag, she wiped her lips vigorously. There is no justice in this world. Even if he is also ignored and despised, at least Julian doesn't have to worry about being molested by his superiors. She was in such a bad mood that she decided to have a good meal. I picked a Mediterranean restaurant near the dance troupe. After ordering, she sat by the window and looked at the dusk street scene of New York. I was surprised to see Qiao Mosheng's familiar figure. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief and took a closer look. It was really him. It doesn't matter so much. She ran out of the restaurant to catch up. In the crowded streets of New York, she was constantly blocked by pedestrians, but stubbornly refused to give up, chasing the familiar figure for a long time. Seeing that he was about to cross the road at the corner, Cheng Xi stood at the intersection and suddenly opened his mouth and called him loudly, "Qiao Mosheng!" She kept calling his name loudly, but the figure had gone farther and farther, and she could not catch up with him. Cheng Xi suddenly felt a little powerless to stand at the corner of the street, and only then did he realize that his right foot was particularly painful and could no longer run. With her hands on the wall, she slowly moved towards the bench not far away. Sitting down and taking off a pair of canvas shoes on his feet, Cheng Xi found that the back three toes of his right foot had been glued together. She gritted her teeth and tore open three bloody toes, sweating with pain. Is this how you take care of yourself when I'm not here? Hearing the familiar voice full of magnetism, Cheng Xi suddenly looked up and watched Qiao Mosheng sit down on the vacant seat beside her and put her right foot on his leg. Looked at her several toes even the belt meat has been damaged simply not like, Qiao Mosheng heartache can not help but some angry,faux ficus tree, "foot injury like this, do not know to go to the hospital?" Cheng Xi suddenly felt a burst of grievance welled up in my heart, half drooping eyes suddenly filled with a layer of fog. She clenched her teeth and pulled back her feet. "It's none of your business." 。

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