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Tang Jiasanshao-Good Death

"Moon mark forced a smile, although only a dozen days together, but Dumb's kindness has already touched everyone's heart, if not because this matter is too difficult, he will not choose to leave," Dumb brother, we must have goodbye, you all be careful, I hope to see you again, we can travel together in the mainland. " Yueji pulled Xuanyue and kept whispering to one side. Both of them were red-eyed. They had just established friendship and were about to separate. It was hard to avoid some reluctance. The Rock took a deep breath and said, "Let's go. If we separate earlier, we can meet earlier later." With that, he went out of the tree house first. The crowd filed out, and when they came out of the cabin, they were surprised to find that the Elf Queen was standing outside the tree house with more than twenty elves, without making a sound. Judging from the energy contained in these elves, they are all first-class masters of the elves. "Auntie," said Dumb, "why don't you come in! We got up late? The elf queen smiled kindly and said, "Silly boy, how can it be late?". We're here to see you off. These are the elite of our elves,interactive whiteboard for schools, eighteen elves and four great elves. Whether your trip is successful or not, we Elves will always be your friends. If one day you are tired of living on the mainland, we welcome you to stay here for a long time. The kindness of the elf queen moved Dumb so much that he choked up and said, "Auntie, thank you. You are so kind." "All right, children," said the Elf Queen, "I will send two groups of people to send you out of the Elf Forest. Be careful all the way. If you can't do anything,65 inch touch screen, don't be too reluctant. Your safety is the most important thing." She took Dumb's hand and said, "My child, don't forget the scroll I gave you yesterday. Even if you don't find the star, you can use it in danger.". At that time, aunt will come to save you. Her motherly concern deeply shocked Dumb's heart. Dumb's eyes flashed with a look of great determination. "Auntie, don't worry," he said. "Even if I die, I will bring Princess Xing'er back to see you." The Elf Queen frowned and said, "Don't talk nonsense.". In the aunt's heart, your safety is equally important. All right, you should go. The elves behind her came forward with eight bundles in their hands, and the elf queen said, "Take these fruits and eat them on the way.". Be careful with everything. After taking the fruit and saying goodbye, they left the elf forest in the direction of their respective destinations under the leadership of two groups of elves. Looking at the back of their departure, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smart board touch screen, the elf queen put her hands together and prayed piously, "God, please bless these kind children. May they have a safe journey." O'Di took the elf queen by the shoulder and whispered, "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be able to bring our child back." The elf queen nodded and said, "From today on, breaking the tradition, eighteen elves are divided into two groups and live in the ancient elf tree circularly, ready to rescue the missing people at any time." In addition to the two elves who escorted Dumb and Moon Mark to leave, the other elves bowed at the same time and said, "Yes, Your Majesty." The elves made Tianying take twenty big elves to escort the four of them to leave the city of elves and head for the west. As he walked, he said to the rock, "If you go straight west from here, you will enter the boundary of the Yaguan people. If you go straight southwest along the boundary of the Yaguan people, you will enter the Tiangang Mountains.". I don't know where it is to the west through the Tiangang Mountains. The Rock said, "If you go further west out of Tiangang Province, you should enter the Bright Province of the Huasheng Empire. If you go through there, you will enter the territory of the Sunset Empire.". At that time, we will look for it province by province. With the inquiry bracelet given by Her Majesty the Queen, I hope we can find the princess as soon as possible. Actually, we have another route to take. It is to follow the edge of the border of the Aran people to the northwest. Passing through the marginal territory of the Holy See and entering the Sunset Empire. In this way, you can not cross the Tiangang Mountains, relatively speaking, although the road is a little longer, but it can save some time. Hearing that she was going to pass by the Holy See, Xuanyue was shocked and hurriedly shouted, "No, no, you can't go the way of the Holy See.". "The rock hesitated and said," Why? We're not heretics. What's to be afraid of. The territory of the Vatican is the most secure place on the continent. Xuanyue smiled awkwardly and said, "I'd better not. How interesting it is to cross the Tiangang Mountains!"! Maybe you can go to the famous Tiangang Sword Sect in the mainland to have a look. Dumb naturally knew that Xuanyue said so because she was afraid of being caught by her father. He echoed, "Brother Rock, let's go to the Tiangang Mountains.". My uncle is from Tiangang Sword Sect. If there is a chance, we can go and have a look. Before my uncle died, he was still thinking about it. The Rock laughed and said, "What's your hurry?"? I have long decided to take the road of Tiangang Mountain. Teacher Xiwen taught me and Ali martial arts skills in those years, and this time he just went to visit me by the way. Xuanyue patted her chest, breathed a sigh of relief, and complained, "Brother Rock, you're so annoying. You're scaring people." The Rock hesitated and said, "What's so terrible about going to the Holy See?". You're learning light magic again. Ah! I see. Are you afraid of being dragged by the Vatican to be a goddess! In fact, it won't. Although the Vatican will absorb the magicians who practice light magic, it will also let them choose for themselves. You don't have to be afraid. Xuanyue gave him a white look and did not explain again. After half a day's fast March, they finally walked out of the elf forest. Tianying and the elves landed on the ground and said, "Go straight west from here and you will enter the territory of the Yali people.". We can only send you here. Be careful all the way. We are waiting for your good news in the city of elves. "Take care of yourself,smart board whiteboard, Uncle Tianying," said the Rock. "We will complete the mission entrusted to us by Her Majesty the Queen as soon as possible. Yan Li and I have two horses in the forest. Please help us take them in and give them back to us when we come back. After saying goodbye to Tianying and the elves, several people left in the direction of the Aran clan.

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