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The new emperor was born, but the young emperor never appeared. Tique reigned for only eight thousand years, because he had already lived for two lifetimes and had spent too much of his life. Before his death, he said frankly that he was not as good as the young emperor, and he was far from an opponent in the real confrontation. Rumor has it that he once entered the court, visited the emperor, and briefly exchanged ideas. But the legend is a legend after all, until Tique passed away, the young emperor did not appear according to 1R 1R, and many people suspected that he had changed into Tao. In this way, after more than ten thousand years, the traces of the lack of truth have disappeared, and there are signs of becoming an emperor. We have to marvel that the young emperor has not had a new emperor for many years, but now it has been greatly reversed. In this world, a group of heroes contend for hegemony, hundreds of competitors contend for hegemony, thousands of corpses on the road of the emperor, and the final winner is shocked into the soul, Jingran is a god-killing insect! God-killing insects, when born, are no more than the size of a thumb. They are golden yellow and look like small dragons. They can gnaw at all things and are invincible. It is said that the real pure-blood ancestor insects even eat the gods. God-killing emperor, he rose from the insect nest, evolved bit by bit, turned into an ancestral insect, fought on the ancient road of the stars, killed all the competitors, and then finally jumped to become an emperor. This is a bloodthirsty emperor, iron-blooded and merciless,smart interactive whiteboard, who is in awe. Wherever he passes, all the races in the universe are silent, and he is afraid to the bone. Because this race is so terrible and merciless! God-killing emperor is really terrible, in his reign, the universe is trembling, but he is the emperor after all, but also did not kill innocent people. So in the past eight thousand years, he was like a man who died in the middle of his life. He had just reached the halfway point of his life. It was the most brilliant time in his life that he made a shocking decision to enter the court. This is already 215000 years of Emperor Yaodi, who has disappeared for sixty or seventy thousand years. After two generations, he has never been seen. All the people feel that he must have sat down and ended his legendary life. Death-killing is like the migration of the whole clan, and the sea of insects is endless,interactive touch screens education, like a vast ocean of gold sè across the universe, rushing to the front of Nanyao Gate. Now that Emperor Yaodi has gone, the court has been vacated. Now I am the emperor of the world, and I am the master of the ups and downs. The court should be the palace where I come to Yaodi and patrol the four directions. From now on, it will be the mansion of God! The rumbling thunder moves the universe, and the sound of the Godless God spreads all over the nations. People are shocked. The God-killing Emperor is going to enter the court. Will those young soldiers agree? We once again lamented that there is no immortal God, nor eternal scepter, after all, it will end. Think of how amazing Emperor Yao was. He lived for five generations and was invincible on the ground. In the end, his orthodoxy would be defeated according to 1 R 1 R. Emperor Yao's Mansion, no offense! Two hundred thousand years later, Yaoting Ao Gu Yi 1 R 1 R, all the people roared and refused to yield, even in the face of an emperor! "I have no intention of killing. I just want to live in the place where the real emperor should stay. Please go back quickly." The god-killing emperor appeared, looked down on the world, the whole body was golden, the blood was surging, and the soul was trembling. Behind him, the endless golden s sè god-killing insects spread out, smartboards for business ,interactive panels for education, and the star field was almost submerged. He ascended strongly, and the young soldiers either flew or fell to the ground. It was impossible for them to fight against a contemporary emperor. He carried his hands on his back and was so domineering that he was about to enter the South Gate. However, at this moment, a chaotic finger suddenly appeared, huge and boundless, covering the star field, rumbling down, like a pillar falling down. The god-killing emperor changed to sè, with a long roar, roaring the universe, trying his best to fight. As a result, it shocked all the young people. This chaotic finger fell, and the god-killing emperor coughed up blood directly, flew away, smashed many stars, and fell to the edge of the universe. The young emperor! The god-killing emperor was shocked. A snap of a finger! At this moment, the whole universe was in an uproar, and all the masters were so shocked that they could not believe it. The young emperor lived according to 1R 1r. After two generations of new emperors, although he never appeared, he always stood high above and looked down into the room. No matter how powerful the new emperor was, he could not compete with him. From then on, the god-killing emperor avoided the frontier of the universe and never set foot in an important star field until he sat down. The young emperor was already invincible in his eyes and heart, and never paid attention to it. In 216000 years, Ye Fan reappeared and completed a metamorphosis. For a whole hundred years, the star field was filled with chaos, with thousands of interweaving and roaring. He made a leap, emerged from the chaotic body, shed the body, and returned to the source. This time, he lived the sixth life. Fourteen thousand years later, two hundred and thirty thousand years later, it was another splendid world, and a surprising thing happened. A chaotic body of the early youth appeared in the room. This year, Ye Fan woke up and unlocked the seal of the baby girl, Ye Xian, and prepared to let her enter the world. All races in the universe trembled, one in the court, one in the outside world, and the two chaotic bodies met in a lifetime! v Chapter 1817 of the text is on the road. Ye Xian is only four or five years old. The little girl is pink and lovely. She is lively and active. As soon as she is unsealed, she cheers and rises like a little butterfly. Grandpa, you finally let Xianer out. Ye Fan smiled, doted on her head, and began to preach to her, urging him to practice. In the sixth generation, Ye Fancai started, his black hair was loose, his eyes were like a sea of stars, his body was glittering and translucent, and his body was flowing. He abandoned the chaotic body and returned to the source, which was unparalleled in the world. In his last life, he opened up the road of chaos and wrote a scripture, all of which is now taught to Ye Xian, so that she can practice hard. Outside, a man has shocked the universe. Although he is only fifty or sixty years old, he has become a chaos saint, invincible and powerful. There is a high level of pursuit to kill him, the chaotic body can always avoid, near miss, cross the road, a R R is stronger than a R R. Everyone was amazed and had a premonition of the rise of a truly great supreme pride, the glorious reappearance of the mythological era, and the creation of immortality and the future. Time flies,classroom interactive whiteboard, and the moon flies. The little girl Ye Xian became an adult and was sent out of the court by Ye Fan. She kept a low profile in various places. As she grew up, her fame gradually spread. The chaotic body of the court was also born. What is the emperor going to do? Do you want them to fight for the same generation? We are moved, this life is doomed not to be quiet.

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