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"I know that you are superior in strength and seldom meet opponents on the mainland, but you should know that few opponents do not mean that there are no opponents.". For example, today you are in the city of Ruth, and there is a Dragon Knight on the scene. With all due respect, he and his mounted dragon are stronger than any of you, and can even tie with two of you. In addition to this Dragon Knight, there are several sub-level masters, which are more than enough to deal with the other of you. Song Ge said as he watched the faces of the three dragons. Maybe you're going to say, it's a draw. But don't forget, in addition to these people, there are many heavy city defense weapons in the city of Ruth, such as the bow of the fire dragon, which can pose a threat to you. And that's not to mention the other potential dangers lurking in the shadows that we don't even know about. You say, if you fight, how many chances do you have to survive? Song Ge took a few steps forward, came to the side of the water dragon Mick Foster, looked at his wound, did not mind the dragon's threatening low roar. That's none of your business. Human beings Prometheus, the fire dragon, roared at Song Ge. He couldn't believe how a human could be so bold. Speak to them like this. When Song Ge walked to the dragon's side, he saw the expressions of several dragons. There was a slight disappointment in my heart. The first time I saw Abrody at the mysterious altar,electronic board for classroom, the metal dragon immediately felt that he had the breath of the sacred dragon on his body. Of course, Abrody was recognized as a genius, and belonged to the metal dragon family. Naturally, it was not comparable to the three ordinary dragons in front of him, but at such a close distance, there was no feeling at all, and the reaction was slow enough. In fact, Song Ge is wrong to blame the three dragons for thinking so. Able to move freely on the mainland. Enough to explain the strength of the three dragons,86 smart board, the reason why Song Ge did not find the breath of the holy dragon has many reasons. Although the dragon is powerful. But after all, it is also a nine-level mythical beast. And the mythical beasts around Song Ge are not easy to mess with, such as his own three magic familiars beyond the normal range, the living genius Abrody, or Adam's abnormal mount, and so on. Now Song Ge uses their standards to measure the ordinary dragon, which is really too demanding. Moreover, Song Ge himself did not know that with the further fusion of the holy dragon essence and blood with him, now his holy dragon breath is not so obvious, but formed his own unique breath, that is, now Arudiba came, may doubt whether he had transformed this person. It's none of my business. Song Ge laughed and said, "My wife is a dragon knight, and my brother, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, even he, is also a dragon knight." Then he pointed to Adam in the back. Besides, Arudiba, the patriarch of the Metal Dragon Group, has a good relationship with me, and I let you Dragon Genius return to the mainland. I think it won't be long before the name of Abrody will resound across the mainland again. Song Ge threw out two more heavyweights. What? Abrody? Is he still alive? The three dragons all looked at Song Ge in surprise. The name of Abrody is so loud that even after a thousand years, it is still remembered by all the dragons. Now suddenly someone said the name and told them that the genius was still alive, which shocked the three-headed dragon. My name is Song Ge, the foreign prophet of the orcs. To identify oneself is undoubtedly to tell the three-headed dragon that such an identity will not lie. Mick Foster hesitated and said, "What is your purpose in telling us this?" Water dragons live a little longer and know a little more about the way humans do things. Although he doesn't know how the foreign prophet of the orcs tracked them down, he knows that the humans in front of him must have his purpose. Song Ge thought for a while and then said, "I want to know first, if today's ceremony of leading the dragon, the box contains a magic item that you are interested in, will you become a human mount dragon?" The three dragons looked at each other, who did not speak, love treasure is their nature, in front of their nature, even they do not know if a top treasure in front of them, they will not compromise. "If we really like that thing, we don't mind being human's partner for a hundred years, but human, I know your status is noble, but please don't use the word mount, even if we form a dragon knight group with human, we are equal." It was Mick Foster who answered Song's question. Nodded his head, "Then if I can take out the treasure you are interested in," he said, "will you work hard?". Oh, no, not to work, but to be a friend and help me when I need it? Song Ge finally said his purpose. All this was an accident. Passing by the city of Ruth, meeting Taranto, meeting the ceremony of leading the dragon, seeing the three-headed dragon, all this is an accident, or an opportunity, and Song Ge began to deploy his resources at the first time to create benefits for himself by this accidental opportunity, and the three-headed dragon in front of him is the greatest benefit. From the first time Song Ge saw them, the good foreign prophet did not intend to let them go. Human, are you kidding me? Want to collect three dragons together, even if the powers on the mainland do not have this ability. Hearing Song Ge's words, the three dragons all felt a little incredible and even angry. When did the dragons become so easy to bully? Even a human dared to say this and that in front of them. Song Ge ignored them and took something out of the bracelet. This is the sub-artifact'Frozen Heart ', which can increase the magic condensation speed of water mages or Warcraft by one fifth. If the water attribute is upgraded to the ice attribute, it can increase the speed of element condensation by a quarter. It can be said that in terms of cultivation, it surpasses many artifacts. Looking at the yearning Mick Foster, Song Ge asked,75 inch smart board, "Are you interested in this respected water dragon?" Wealth touches people's hearts. Not to mention the dragon, which has an extreme love for rare treasures. When Song Ge took out the Frozen Heart, Mick Foster was moved.

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