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The darling of the entertainment circle (entertainment circle)

"2016, Love Must Be Smooth!" Zhang Aan, the director, started making New Year's movies, and making New Year's movies is what he must do every year. A director who is good at small investments and big profits. Although there is no weighty award support, but each film investment income ratio of 1:5, so that many film investors regard him as a guest of honor! After receiving the script, Tian Duoduo told Qiu Meng about the actors that the crew could find out, so that she probably had an impression that she could avoid making some taboos and causing unnecessary trouble. In the car, the Sui and Tang Dynasties added some internal materials that Tian Duoduo could not find out. For example, every film directed by Zhang Aan has three less: fewer scenes, fewer characters, and fewer plots; but there are three more: more publicity, more news, and more exposure! Netizens have joked that if you don't want to spend money to go to the cinema to see Zhang's movies, you just need to pay attention to the photo news of gossip entertainment at the time of shooting, which is basically close to the plot of the movie! Qiu Meng thought of this rumor and burst out laughing. Director Zhang and Director Sun are two completely opposite types of directors! Sui and Tang saw Qiu Meng, who laughed inexplicably, and touched his nose with a headache. Zhang Aan this person, is in the director circle typical, this person is smooth and unprincipled,touch screen kiosk, has the milk is Niang! Has been walking in this pure commercial film shooting field, he himself is fine, no flower news, but he also has a lot of style assimilated by this circle, is not a reliable director. Sui Tang thought of some rumors, eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled, looking at a relaxed face of Qiumeng, the heart a little complain about their own,Interactive digital signage, at that time not considered thoroughly! He secretly sighed in the heart, decided Qiumeng film shooting time, he will accompany the whole journey! I will also hand over to Tian Duoduo for a while, or I will leave around Qiumeng! Soon arrived at the crew, Sui Tang and Tian Duoduo got off first, followed by Qiumeng, Wang Rui followed Qiumeng curiously, looking around. Sui Tang saw Qiumeng's appearance that he had never seen the world, and his tone was heavy: "Follow well, don't look around!" Wang Rui was jumped by Sui and Tang, and hurriedly followed Qiu Meng seriously. Far away, Qiumeng saw Zhang Dao, wearing a cap, sitting in front of the monitor, temperature check kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, Youci, wearing a police uniform, standing at the gate of the police station in the movie, and Xiao Ke, who played the male advocate Yihe, standing opposite her in a fit and slim suit, holding roses. Qiu Meng slowed down and walked over, ready to watch the scene between You Ci and Xiao Ke. I saw a lot of short cannons around me. Chapter 37 shooting. Qiu Meng looked at the media reporters in surprise, looking at the Sui and Tang Dynasties with an expression of what was going on. Sui Tang frowned, nodded to Qiu Meng, and turned to Zhang Dao. Qiumeng quickly put on a smiling face and stood on the sidelines with a smile to continue to watch Youci's performance. Xiao Nan, dressed in a police uniform, came out of the police station and had just received a call to the police, saying that there was a conflict at the corner of the street. She put down the phone and came out, but the whole alley was very quiet. Is the contradiction resolved? Xiao Nan thought so, and took two steps in the direction of the street, still very quiet, not even pedestrians. Xiao Nan looked around and made sure that there was no problem, then turned back to the police station. Qiu Meng looked at You Ci wearing a police uniform and could not help sighing in her heart: "What a beautiful woman!" You Ci is the most beautiful vase in the whole entertainment circle! Bright looks, hot body! It can be imagined that the vase is beautiful enough, in addition to the most beautiful title, Youci's beauty can be seen! Even now wearing a police uniform, there is a kind of charm with heroism in every move. Qiu Meng's mind jumped out of a few big words "uniform temptation", she thought so, quietly close to Wang Rui said his idea. Wang Rui nodded repeatedly, but still whispered in a surprised voice: "Girl, you are not pure!"! Everyone knows the word "uniform temptation!" Qiu Meng looked at Wang Rui with a speechless face, and she knew it before! In other words, since opening the door to a new world, Qiu Meng feels that the world is much richer. Qiu Meng suddenly thought of something and whispered to Wang Rui: "They say that you ci's double quotient is also very high and beautiful, but there is no jealousy in the circle!" Speaking of this, Qiu Meng is a little depressed, thinking of He Yining's inexplicable behavior is a burst of upset. Although this incident also let He Yining get a lesson! But you can't guard against thieves for a thousand days! When Wang Rui saw Qiu Meng's worried face, she guessed 89 and said, "You can't compare with her!"! Do you know who is the financial backer behind them? Qiu Meng opened her eyes wide and looked at the gossip best friend: "Who is it?" "Do you know Qiushi Industry?" Qiu Meng's curious expression wrinkled: "Ah?"? Know With a proud and mysterious smile, Wang Rui said, "Qiu baoyuan is the CEO of Qiushi industry now, and she is the gold owner behind her!"! You have a big background! Qiu Meng was so surprised that her breath was stuck in her throat, and she quickly covered her mouth and coughed. What? Her uncle? You Ci? Qiu Meng felt that his brain was not enough, and his uncle had a cold relationship with his aunt, but. Qiu Meng straightened up and looked at You Ci, who was still acting, with an unpredictable expression on her face. When Wang Rui saw Qiu Meng's expression, she put down the hand that patted her on the back and said, "It's not so shocking!"! You don't know? All the marketing numbers on the Internet say so. Qiu Meng interrupted Wang Rui with a frown: "How can you believe the marketing number?"! The marketing number also said that my relationship with Director Sun was not normal! Wang Rui looked at Qiu Meng strangely and said in a tone of a little unhappy for a long time: "This is just a gossip. If you don't believe it or listen to it, just forget it!"! But in other words, you are also surnamed Qiu,outdoor digital signage displays, Qiu Shi is also the CEO surnamed Qiu. And shook his head: "It should not matter, after all, you grew up in Mordor!" " What Qiu Meng was going to say was blocked in her stomach.

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