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Future Military Doctor [Finished] Author: Shengji.txt

"Hello.." Zhou Yushi at this time, at least understand one thing, Chen Han will not like others to curry favor with her, flatter, more will not be afraid because she is the mayor's daughter. If he knew that he was not a sister, I'm afraid he wouldn't have come out with himself just now. What kind of person is this guy? He's a freak. It is said that he is the second generation ancestor. This is not like the second generation ancestor. Which second generation ancestor is as cool as him! Zhou Yushi rolled his eyes and stopped saying what he had said before: "Stop. I borrowed the car from someone else. You moved the car just now. You are also responsible." Depend on, this Zhou Yuhan reaction is very quick, Chen Han heart is also very helpless. He doesn't like to evade responsibility, and when he encounters problems, he will not evade them, and he will solve them. Although he saved his life just now, the car did move by itself, forget it. The car just starts, Chen Han still calls a driver: "Master, stop, did not go first, thank." The driver also heard Zhou Yushi's words, a burst of contempt in the heart, the heart said, thought it was two rich people, did not expect to borrow the car. Such a good sports car, they were scraped like this, miserable. No wonder this man wants to run away, it is estimated that because of this yellow is possible, but this man is also a man, and finally went back. The driver fantasized that Chen Han had already opened the door of Zhou Yushi's car: "Come down.". Chen Han doesn't want to let her drive any more. Her skills are not very good, but her courage is too great. To put it bluntly, she is not afraid of death. Chen Han doesn't dare to sit in this kind of car. Zhou Yushi is quite cooperative, but while changing seats, she also tried to let Chen Han teach her, but no matter what she said, Chen Han was not moved. Such a result made Zhou Yushi even more angry, watching Chen Han driving fast according to the destination marked on the GPS, she thought angrily, well, tell you to pretend to be cool, give you a chance you don't cherish, then I will teach you a good lesson for my sister. Chen Han opened fast and steady, but to Zhou Yushi's disappointment, Chen Han did not perform such dangerous actions as drifting again, and soon they had arrived in front of a luxury house. The private road directly connected to the road is about 1000 meters, and then enters a luxury house with a fountain in the center and thousands of square meters of green space around it. At this time, the whole mansion was brightly lit, and the parking place was full of famous cars. Someone saw their car coming in, and soon a group of people came out. Yuhan, why did you come so late? Who is this friend? Walking in the front, digital signage screen , the core of this group of people is also a man in his early twenties, with long hair that he thinks is very handsome, carrying a glass of red wine. Seeing Jia Bo coming over and calling himself Yuhan, Zhou Yushi was very satisfied. Seeing that Chen Han was going to get out of the car, she winked at Jia Bo, then pointed to the place where the car was scratched, and then compared her fists in the direction of Chen Han. The meaning was very clear. Let this man use the scratch of the car to find Chen Han's trouble and teach Chen Han a lesson. Volume 1 Chapter 58 Breaking Legs Novel Bus Updated: June 13, 2010 15:43:52 Words in this chapter: 3479 Chapter 58 breaking legs. The Jia family is also a rich man in Danyang, and Jia Bo is one of Zhou Yushi's most determined pursuers. When Zhou Yushi saw Chen Han upstairs, she called Jia Bo and asked him to cooperate. She pulled Chen Han over, and then Jia Bo arranged for someone to make Chen Han make a fool of himself and record it. When the time came, she would announce it, and her sister would not have to marry this guy. However, there was another accident in the middle. At this time, Zhou Yushi was so angry that he directly let Jia Bo take the opportunity to look for trouble. My car.. Who scraped my Ferrari like this. Jia Bo was exaggerating, and then he looked at Chen Han with a gloomy face: "Did you do that?" "Well, I think this car is too old. I'll bump it into a new one. I'll send someone to send you a new car in three days, but.." Chen Han looked at this model two years ago: "I don't know if I have this old model. I have a Ferrari in my garage that I bought and drove less than 3,000 kilometers. If you want it, I will ask someone to send it to you." We will not attack unless we are attacked. If we are attacked, we will not stand on ceremony. Just now Zhou Yushi's little action Chen Han actually saw in his eyes, although he did not know that this Zhou Yuhan was not the real Zhou Yuhan, but today these people are not well-intentioned, intentionally dealing with themselves is certainly true. Follow Wang Yang to apologize to Zhou Xiaomin and Zhou Jie, because he promised his aunt, and they are her best friends, and there are two old people above, he naturally has to apologize for breaking the appointment, but for them, Chen Han did not apologize at all. ***, what the *** are you bragging about? Ferrari can sell for six million yuan with luxury tax in China. Who do you think you are? "It's ridiculous to show off in front of Master Jia's door." "I know all the people on the ground in Danyang. You're that onion!" ………… Jia Bo did not speak, a group of young people behind him had attacked Chen Han, they did not know the identity of Chen Han, but Jia Bo told them to show Zhou Yushi a good show today, they naturally have to be obedient. Jia Bo also looked at Chen Han with a sneer. Although his family has billions of yuan, he has only one Ferrari car of this class, which is the same as a treasure. Although the other cars are also famous cars, but are the general level, only a million or so, not to mention the opening of a five or six million cars will be given away. Boy, this is Danyang, I Jia Bo is not short of that money, you now obediently kowtow to me to admit mistakes, this matter even in the past, otherwise. Jia Bo sneered, "I think you're going to be pushed out of Danyang." "Oh.." Chen Han smiled, picked up a stone directly from the ground, and wrote his phone number on the front of the red Ferrari: "If you want Ferrari to make this call, you are worth wasting these minutes. Besides, I like walking." Chen Han left Xiao Guodong's phone and turned to walk out. Looking at Chen Han's relaxed smile and writing his phone number in his Ferrari with a stone, Jia Bo clenched his fist more and more tightly. When he saw Chen Han turn to leave, he finally got angry: "Stop him." Several people rushed out from behind Jia Bo and came forward to stop Chen Han. One of them directly reached out and grabbed Chen Han's shoulder.

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