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Flaming dragon

Before long, he saw the "Tianshan Gate" master Zhuge Tianfeng's charming face, showing the color of pain, his whole body began to twist, and screamed, but in less than a moment, two women's voices appeared in succession from his mouth, as if they were quarreling and cursing. And then. Nearly two minutes later, the five-inch size of the human form, once again by ZhuGeTianFeng face hole inside the illusion, but holding a small group of unknown things, quickly returned to the "dragon" Sima Yuhu top door, not a few, has interest and tired call way: "Sister Feng." Sister Feng. With the sound, he saw that the pink phantom had come to him, so he said again: "Sister Feng." It's done! It also absorbs the essence of primordial yin that has just been absorbed. Most of them have been poured into her body again. After that, I will leave it to you. I want to restore the essence of the primordial spirit of life! "Qingxu Tianfeng" Yang Cuifeng saw Ailang's tired look and immediately said with heartache and pity: "Hulang, after you suck their essence, you don't need to return all of them to their bodies. You can keep some of them for your own use to make up for the essence consumed when you refine and eliminate the'three souls' of the witches. Otherwise, if you lose too much of the essence of the'primordial spirit of life ', how can you refine and eliminate the'three souls' of the other six witches?"? Fortunately, just now my concubine helped you absorb the essence of the witch. The essence remaining in your body has no time to be refined. It can be refined for your own use. As soon as the voice fell, regardless of whether he agreed or not,Calacatta Nano Glass, he reached out his hand and stuck it to the "Mingmen point" on his back to penetrate the strong essence into his body. After engraving — — "Tianshan Gate" Master Zhuge Tianfeng had woken up faintly and found that he was naked all over, and there was a naked bronze body beside him. Suddenly, he was ashamed and anxious to curl up his body, but he seemed to be very familiar with it. He was sad and sad immediately, and rushed to him excitedly and called out in a crisp voice: "Cry.." Cry. Si. Master Sima. The witch has disappeared, and the concubine has recovered. But Yang Cuifeng, the "Qingxu Tianfeng" who protected Sima Yuhu's side, immediately stopped her from rushing to Ailang and said in a slightly jealous voice: "Miss Zhuge,Grey Marble Slab, don't get excited!"! In order to eliminate the three spirits of the witch in your body, Hu Lang Jingyuan has been greatly damaged, and you are in the process of regulating your breath. You must know very well what happened after you were occupied by the witch yuan Shen. "Tianshan Gate" Lord ZhuGeTianFeng smell speech, immediately faint nod of shame said: "Yes.." Younger sister Little sister knows, but it's all done by the witch. Little sister can't help herself. When Yang Cuifeng heard this, she immediately added: "Well.." I know, and no one can blame you for that, but.. Since you know it very well, I don't need to say more. I need your help later. When Zhuge Tianfeng, the head of the Tianshan Gate, heard this, he didn't know what she wanted to help him with? But he also immediately nodded and said. : "Sister, please tell me. My little sister is willing to do her best." "Well.." Now that you have regained your sanity, you can breathe for a while. You still have a heavy responsibility to help me lure other witches. You have to.. The two white flying swords, the purple gold chime and the blue sword awn of the purple light group, the fight between the two sides became more and more fierce. However, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Marble Projects, the flying sword of two white mang Lingsheng seemed to be dominant, so the fine mang of Zijin Qing and Qingjian gradually retreated, but Yan Chunying, the owner of the "ghost mansion", and Huang Peiwen, the owner of the "Zhongnan Mountain", knew that if they wanted to defeat each other, they would not be able to do it in a short time, so they were anxious to improve their work again, which made the fine mang of flying sword more Lingsheng. A fierce attack on the purple and gold chime and the green sword. All of a sudden! The Taoist Priest Qinghua cried out in amazement. : "Eh?"? Monk Look at the side of Sanyang Peak, and there is a white light of Lingsheng.. "Great Enlightenment Zen Master" Wen Yan looked carefully and said in a daze: "噫 ? Sure enough …… Could it be that there are also people fighting in the Royal Treasure? Hearing the sound, Yan Chunying, the head of the "Ghost Mansion", and Huang Peiwen, the head of the "Zhongnan Mountain", all looked back in a hurry, only to see that there was indeed a snow-white light shining on the side of "Sanyang Peak", but they knew at a glance that it was not what their sisters had kept! So everyone is anxious to go back to the peak to visit what happened. ? As soon as Yan Chunying, the owner of the "Ghost Mansion", changed her mind, she immediately shouted angrily at Zen Master Dawu and Taoist Priest Qinghua: "Humph!"! My sister has something to do. I will spare you today! Second sister Go back and have a look first! "Yes.." Big sister! At this time, Huang Peiwen, the master of "Zhongnan Mountain", was also very anxious, so when she heard her elder sister's words, she immediately took back her sword and rushed to the side of "Sanyang Peak", while Yan Chunying, the master of "Ghost Mansion", slowly retreated from the sword, and saw that the purple and gold chimes and green swords of Dawu Zen Master and Qinghua Taoist were still in place and had no intention of pursuing. So he withdrew ten feet before he withdrew his sword. At this time, the Taoist Priest of Qinghua seemed to be consciously defeated by the two women, so he was eager to leave, so he immediately said to the Zen Master Dawu in a hurry: "Monk, the other side's skill is not very good, but the old way is me." Shall we go? Don't be like them. !” Master Dawu did not utter a word when he heard this, and his face seemed to be very unconvinced, but he had no choice but to slowly withdraw the purple and gold chime and quickly swept away from the Taoist Priest of Qinghua. When Yan Chunying heard the words of the Taoist Priest of Qinghua, she knew that they were defeated. She just said some words to save face, but she did not dare to humiliate and provoke them, forcing them to stay and continue to fight. Therefore, she silently watched the two men take back the purple and gold chime and the green sword one after another, and quickly swept away from them. Then she turned around and swept away to the "Three Yangfeng". Huang Peiwen, the head of Zhongnan Mountain, flew to the snow-white light at the foot of the peak, but before he reached the foot of the peak, he heard a sharp scream: "Second Sister, come and help me." Hu Lang has been wounded by her and is still healing in the cave. I can't defeat this girl alone. Huang Peiwen, the master of "Zhongnan Mountain", was shocked when she heard this! And saw four younger sister's sword. It has been wrapped by a snow-white jade sword of Ling Sheng Jingmang, and Jingmang is so dim that it seems to be about to fall,white marble mosaic, so it has no time to think, and immediately flies out of the sword to hit the snow-white jade sword. Fourth sister, don't panic! Let's fight her together. My eldest sister will be back soon! '.

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