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The superheroes I bought in those years.

Yongdu's Whistle Arrow, the Saka Element Gun and Nuclear Cannon of the Dawn, and the electromagnetic capture net of the Nova Legion interlaced with dazzling flames in midair.. …… At the same moment, far away on Earth, Patricia Udonta, who seemed to feel something, clicked on her communicator. A communication whose caller ID subtitles were thickened and enlarged was "beeping", and when you clicked on it, you could hear Star-Lord's rare serious voice accompanied by a fierce exchange of fire: "Help you stop a purple one, come and kneel and lick me quickly!" The voice was public, and Steve next to him listened and thought a little and guessed that he might be talking about the power of the infinite gem. But the sound of the battle in the background sounds.. It's a little dangerous. The Dawn snakeskin was in position, and the wind in the communication was very heavy, but the sound of the battle was louder. Patricia was so familiar with the data of interstellar weapons that she could only distinguish them carefully for a moment and guess what type and model of weapons the Guardians of the Galaxy were using. They were all used in large-scale combat, but they did not kill them. A lot of opponents? She twirled her fingers, wondering if she wanted to give her a hand. "Is it still an acquaintance?"? Peter Quill, will you? No, I'll wait for you in person to say thank you. Star-Lord: … Bah! Before he finished,Artificial Marble Slabs, he was slapped on the top of his head by the old man who whistled behind him. Over the Sundar Galaxy. The blocking net of the Nova Corps was finally opened by the continuous bombardment of the Snakeskin Dawn. The electromagnetic system has a great influence on the Yaka Arrow. At the moment when the gap was opened, Yaka, who had been hovering in our camp and helping to block the artillery fire, turned around at an unimaginable speed and roared away before the gap was about to be filled. The superstar, with its hands around its chest and occupying a high position, was not the first to detect its action. Until the long scarlet tail pierced her peripheral vision,Agate Slabs For Sale, penetrated the front cabin of the warship, and pierced the transparent front window, which was hard enough to block more than a dozen successive attacks by laser cannons, with cobweb-like cracks. Her pupils finally contracted in response to the arrow heading straight in front of her. It seemed that there was an invisible sound barrier and a silver needle-like wind coming with the arrow tip, and the extreme speed and penetration seemed to compress the air at its tip into a more dense dot. This blow came from the Centaurs, who had never been taken seriously before the superstar. Don't the five Obsidian generals have any information about the Guardians of the Galaxy and other relevant personnel? It's not possible. But the superstars who have been guiding thousands of troops all the year round have not been on much guard. Even when they see strange mantis women and discover that their abilities seem to be spiritual abilities, superstars are not too vigilant. What kind of inferior and non-offensive ability is a psychic who needs physical touch to maintain? The eyes seemed to be pierced by the rapidly enlarged arrow tip, and it seemed that through a long distance, the blue-skinned marauder with gaping teeth occupied the whole field of vision. The superstar let out an unwilling roar. She thought she had let out a sharp shout, but in fact, at the moment when her throat bone moved slightly, the long arrow with a red tail had pierced her skull. Puff, Pietra Gray Marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, puff! …… The Guardians of the Galaxy, who had been moving in snakeskin to avoid the attack of the Nova Corps, found that the attack on the opposite side had suddenly stopped. Over the planet Sandal, the beehive of electromagnetic interceptors went out one by one, and the focus of the soldiers in the driver's seat was restored, their expressions were restored to the grief and indignation before they were controlled, and then they were at a loss about the status quo. There was a sudden moment of silence over the galaxy. Only the game sound of Groot teenager "biubiubiu" is playing without scruple and persistently. On Earth, neither Patricia nor Steve spoke. They listened to the silence and breathing of the communicator, and after a moment, they heard an explosion that seemed more violent after the silence. Successful headshot. Successful headshot. Star-Lord still grabbed Gamora's arm, as if he hadn't noticed the latter's black face at all. "Hey, something fell down. Who's free to pick up the power gem?" Rocket: "If you want to go, I won't go." Nebula: "If you want to go, I won't go." Yongdu: "If you want to go, I won't go.". ” Drax began his slow motion, performing the secret of invisibility. Star-Lord: "You can't let it fall to the ground. It will destroy the star of Sandar …" Star-Lord: "It's still falling …" Star-Lord: ***, I beg you! Patricia, you little.. A narrow-minded little rascal. Nebula did not hesitate to give him a elbowing behind him. Star-Lord's fat face twisted in an instant, and the words in his mouth rose two tones: "Patricia, you little fairy daughter!" A blue mist appeared below the fall of the power gem. Power Gem. Like several other brothers and sisters, it is very beautiful, with a gentle, blurred purple light all over its body. This appearance makes it hard to imagine how much power it contains. In the legend of the stars, the person who uses this gem can have almost the strongest energy in the universe. Historically, the Supreme Clan has used a scepter studded with power gems to cause an energy explosion that could destroy an entire planet. But now, through Patricia's space channels on the earth, the power gems reflected in Steve's eyes are very harmless, like exhibits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Patricia's pale fingertips pinched it as it sped down, as if it were a glass toy thrown by a child. The blue fog created by the space gem gradually expanded, revealing the ruins of the Shandar system, the army and the Dawn, which were stagnant in the air. The space channel expanded more and more, and two completely unconcealed inhalations suddenly appeared behind him. Me, me, me, me! Oh my God! Is this the universe? Me, me, me, my,White Marble Slabs, my God! This is Star Wars?! "Hey, why did you say one more about me than I did?!" "I'm not. I'm not. You heard wrong!" Captain America suddenly relaxed his tense body when the movement appeared, and his expression was somewhat helpless and tolerant.

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