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Empire of men

There were no electric lights in the room, but a row of European-style candlesticks. The candles on the candlesticks were red. The waiters who served the food were all dressed in Qing Dynasty costumes. Their shoes made them look tall. They waved handkerchiefs in their hands and kept singing the names of the dishes in their mouths, calling "Gege Jixiang" and "Wang Ye Jixiang". After a while, the dishes came up one after another, six cold and eight hot soup, although not much, but very delicate and exquisite. Mao Zimei asked all the attendants to go out, took up their glasses and patted the short and fat man sitting on the left seat and said: This is Zhao Guangsong, my father's former secretary, who now works in a bank. You can call him President Zhao. There are no outsiders today. I propose three drinks. This first cup is my own punishment. Everyone else here really wants to know why I have such a close relationship with Tianhe and Minghan. I tell you today that they are my comrades-in-arms and my brothers. Without them, I might be in prison instead of them. I could not have been the deputy director of the central government organs. It is impossible for me to be so comfortable as today. Three years ago, we three brothers worked in the same unit. I was a battalion commander and they were sergeants. To carry out the orders of my superiors, I took them out to receive new equipment. On the way back, I was hot-headed and drove the equipment car without a license, causing serious damage to the equipment, resulting in lifelong disability and death of two local women walking on the roadside. Afterwards, in order to protect me, the two brothers stepped forward and took full responsibility for the accident and went to prison. They hid the details of my driving without a license from beginning to end. At this point, Mao Zimei's face was already full of tears, and Downton handed over a tissue, which he did not see at all. Mao Zimei poured himself another glass of wine and went on to say: Although I was also severely warned and punished by the party for this accident, and took off my military uniform and transferred back to the local area ahead of time, and although I have mentioned this deputy director now, in the 1,032 days from their detention to imprisonment to today, I have been blaming myself and reflecting on myself all the time, and I have been atoning for my sins all the time. Every time I come back from visiting the prison, I can't sleep all night. I owe Ming Han and Tian He a debt that I will never be able to pay off in my life. Mao Zimei took a long breath, took the tissue from Downton's hand and wiped the tears from her face. Then she said: I want to tell you now that from today on, we are starting again. Everything starts from zero. Forget the pain. Our future and future are full of flowers and sunshine. Please drink this glass of wine! A table of people touched each other's glasses politely, and with a loud sound, a glass of high wine went into the stomach along the mouth. The original solemn and dull atmosphere was suddenly brightened by the baking of the mysterious liquid, and the sound of the collision of glasses played a harmonious note. As soon as Mao Zimei's toast was over, the chef of the restaurant, who was already waiting outside the door, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Stone Price, led two waiters into the room with a wooden ancient tray carrying the puffer fish. Three women holding the pipa and stroking the dulcimer also sat in the vacant place opposite the table in a Jiangnan costume. It seemed that the dinner had just officially begun! Who would have thought that at this time, when everyone was ready to taste the puffer fish with a spoon, Deng Tianhe stood up with a glass of wine and said to the girls who were ready to play in a deep but powerful voice: You go out first and come in five minutes later. Several smiling girls stared at Mao Zimei with their eyes, carried the water-colored long skirt to the ground, and floated out resentfully. Liu Minghan and Mao Zimei, as well as a table of people's eyes are staring at Deng Tianhe, only called Zhao Guangsong's president in the fun to drink his puffer soup, everything seems to have nothing to do with him. Deng Tianhe took out a bunch of keys from his pocket and handed them to Mao Zimei, saying: There are only a few 1,000 days in a person's life. I have never stopped thinking for a moment during the more than 1,000 days in prison. All this is fate. We are destined to make up for a lesson in life that we should not have. Therefore, Commander Mao, there is absolutely no need for you to feel guilty and repent. You don't owe us. If you owe us, you are the son of the leader and our leader, while Minghan and I are farmers and soldiers. From the moment of the accident to now, as farmers, soldiers and brothers, we have taken responsibility and done our best. Commander Mao, you have been silent all these years. You have been repenting, but you have also been punished. We do not resent you. You are educated, you have a good family, and you have a bright future. You must do a good job to be worthy of our brothers and the whole battalion. Commander Mao, your concern for us helped us accept it. You took back the house. I inquired about the house price in Beijing. This gift is too heavy for me to bear. I'm really in trouble now. My passbook is cleaner than my face. It's less than 500 yuan. I borrowed the money from the chief this morning. I'll pay you back in a year. I'm a farmer. I have to go back to the land where I was born and raised. Don't persuade me. I have decided to go back the day after tomorrow. Hearing what Deng Tianhe said, Mao Zimei's expression suddenly froze, and only the "squeaking" sound of President Zhao Guangsong drinking soup could be heard in the room. Mao Zimei asked cautiously, "Tianhe, are you really determined to go?"? We agreed to work hard together. How can you leave? There are many opportunities and good conditions in Beijing. Once you leave, won't our ideals disappear? Won't our brothers break up? How can I explain to the old man? He has always been very optimistic about you. Liu Minghan also advised: "Tianhe, as soon as you leave, our brothers will be separated.". You can stay here. Beijing is the capital and a place that many Chinese people look forward to. We can take care of each other and do things together. Holding a glass of wine, Deng Tianhe walked up behind Liu Minghan, patted Liu Minghan on the shoulder and said: Brother, when there is a gathering, there is a separation; when there is a division, there is an integration. Everyone has his own ambition. Although Beijing is very good, it does not adapt to my Sichuan stomach as a peasant. I am more adapted to the Sichuan sound, Sichuan sentiment and Sichuan cuisine that gave birth to me. You are in Beijing, and I am in the countryside. I will send you what you want to eat. Now the traffic is so convenient. I will come to visit you when I miss you. In this life,Marble Granite Price, our brothers will never be separated. Liu Minghan joked with some sadness: "Do you still have the Sichuan girl you miss?"? I have nothing to miss, my hometown has no "homesickness", only left me "hometown hatred".

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