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Phoenix Dancing in the Sky (Nvzunwen)

Sure enough, my words worked. Ye Minzhi frowned and said, "You're so confused. You're still three days away from half a year old. Are you still my mother?"? Not careful at all! Hearing Ye Minzhi say so, I know that things have passed, no matter what, the past is the past, people always look forward, let the deceased rest assured, let the living worry, is not exactly what I want to do? Thinking of this, he said, "It's better to be a careful father. Brother, come back with me and take the gift of heaven with you." "Nan, my eye disease, I'm afraid I can't help you any more, it will become your burden.". And Shifu, what about Shifu? I can't ignore his kindness to us! "Brother, you said that as long as I come to the valley to pick you up, you will leave everything with me, but do not go back on your word.". As for Shifu, I have long thought about it. In the past few years, Shifu's body is still strong. She can set up a medicine hall in the palace and study many breakthrough difficult and complicated diseases! Hearing what I said,ultrasonic generator driver, Ye Minzhi finally smiled and replied, "I'm afraid Shifu won't agree. It's better to study these things in Yaowanggu. He seldom leaves the valley for a long time, and this time he's afraid." It seems that Ye Minzhi hesitated. " I'm not afraid. I've recently made some progress in my medical research department. I've written a few prescriptions, which will surely tempt Master to come out of the mountains. This medicine Wang Gu will keep it first, and we'll come back in the future. Listening to my confident tone, the smile on Ye Minzhi's face reappeared, and his whole body returned to a relaxed and refreshing look. The master in the dining room suddenly had a strange itch in his nose. He rushed out decisively, sneezed and rubbed his nose, thinking about the reason for this strange sneeze. As a medical saint,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he had not sneezed for many years. Doubt for a long time, failed, some self-mockery, hesitated, walked forward-the author has something to say: support the new article new pit- "Wending Business"-love through time and space! Welcome to step on it! Now write less, you can also collect first, write more and then see! The first ginger is still old and hot, and the seduction of the master is successful. But the master's condition was that he would personally hold the wedding of Ye Minzhi and me in the Valley of the Medicine King, and Ye Minzhi was also married by his husband. Masao, Ye Minzhi should be like this. Although there was this little accident, it was harmless. When I decided not to let go of Ye Min's hand, I already had the idea of getting married. How can Ye Minzhi's identity be tolerated by others? If it were not for his love when he was young and his fate was rough, how could he share his wife with others now? Master spent all her thoughts on the wedding ceremony, which was attended by all the people in Yaowanggu. Ye Minzhi and I are Master's beloved disciples. Besides, our parents are gone. Master is the only elder, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the orders of the elders should be followed. Yeh Min-chih and I were of the same mind after the knot was lifted, so whatever Master told us and whatever we obeyed, it was all for the sake of making him happy. On the wedding night, master, as the elder of both sides, gave me and ye Minzhi a glass of sweet wine, and persuaded the guests to leave early, taking away the gift of heaven and leaving the newlyweds alone. After many years of going back and forth, he finally married Ye Minzhi. Looking at Ye Minzhi sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing a bright red formal dress, quiet and docile. I pulled up the symbol of satisfaction, gently picked up the brocade handkerchief, and a handsome face flashed in front of me. Could it be that the eyes are still a little shy. Brother- "I sat beside my brother and called softly." Also called my brother-you- "Ye Minzhi heard my cry, some slightly angry way, just quiet and docile feeling suddenly disappeared without a trace.". I bluntly smiled and jokingly said, "Well, it should be called Fu Lang." "Nan son, when you so skin, I-" may be years of hope to become a reality, Ye Minzhi is also like falling into a dream. All right, call you Minzhi, come and drink this cup of wine, we will never be separated! I said cautiously. Ye Minzhi couldn't see, so I led the wine glass to him. Ye Minzhi slowly took the glass and drank it with me at the same time. A faint smell of herbs came out, and as I recalled the fragrance of the herbs, I suddenly understood that this was Master's plan. The original guess master is not so simple, just simply let Ye Minzhi marry me and hold the wedding. In fact, he wanted Ye Minzhi to have the herb that he secretly put into the wine. I'm afraid that tonight, Ye Minzhi will be able to conceive, and in time he will become a father. This is the last step for Master to cure Ye Minzhi's eye disease. If the mood is comfortable, Ye Minzhi's eye disease has been cleared of blood stasis, naturally will not be cured. This is Master's real, ultimate goal. Master really loved Ye Minzhi very much, and even at this time he did not forget to practice medicine to save people. Thinking of this, I decisively pulled down Ye Minzhi's belt and said charmingly, "Minzhi-it's late at night, it's time to have a rest!" Reach out to put out the candle and lie down directly on the bed. Nan'er, you have to be careful of your body in the future. You have lost weight again. "Ye Minzhi didn't know that the candle had been extinguished. He nagged me. At such an important moment, it was hard for him to still think about my body.". Bend over, hold the lips that want to speak, and swallow all the words. Wen Luan dances to the acacia tree, which means the Mandarin ducks fly wing to wing. Only a lady can enjoy great achievements, and only a strange man can achieve great success. The phoenix dances for nine days to reward one's ambition, and the dragon rises all over the world to show one's masculinity. Hundred years of love and double heart knot, thousands of miles of marriage. Hand in hand to draw colorful phoenixes and work together to raise new seedlings. Once you tie the knot, love for a thousand years, and never move your heart for a hundred years. The night is long. The love inside the Hibiscus tent is flying. The road is long.. Concentric Xiang in Mianxiu. Spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold, wedding night, this matter is better than sound. Master's tea in the morning, we waited and waited,ultrasonic cutting machine, but we still didn't see Master. I'm afraid he knew I had discovered his trick and hid it. I sighed and smiled, centenarian, childlike character.

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