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Follow like a shadow _ Feng Hua

Puke said, "Well, in this case, I want to have a good look at this book in the afternoon. The unit is too noisy. I'll find a place by myself.". If you have any information, just call me. When Poke said it, he already thought that he wanted to go to Mido to read the diary. Recently, Poke felt that his dormitory was very annoying to him, and after returning to work, it was not as easy as before to calm down and read or think about problems. Perhaps it was because of the sudden appearance of Yu Xiaoduan, which brought back unpleasant memories. And he actually in that state of mind, and Yu Xiaoduan had a relationship, this mistake made him feel unforgivable. Now only in Mido's place can Poke feel a kind of inner peace. Even in the face of their own humiliation and darkness, they seem to have more courage than in other places. In addition to the idea that Mido talked about in the morning, it is also necessary to further design detailed program steps to Mido's home, which is the urgent need of Puke at the moment. Poke made a phone call to Mido. Mido answered the phone and asked directly, "Poke?" Poke said, "It's me.". You didn't sleep yesterday. Are you tired now? Mido smiled and said, "Didn't you sleep either?"? You have to run outside all the time. Can you stand it? I slept for a while after you left. "I'm a little tired,ultrasonic welding transducer," Poke said. So I make a request to you. I have a book in my hand to check carefully. I want to go to your place in the afternoon. I find myself in your place. My heart will be more relaxed. Can I? Mido said, "Of course. When will you come?" Poke said: "I am now in the unit, but also to deal with a small situation, about an hour later.". When you get there, you can continue to rest, and I won't affect you. You are not fully recovered now, so take care of yourself! Mido laughed. I think you're now. Halfway through,ultrasonic dispersion machine, embarrassed to go on, he said goodbye quickly, and then hung up the phone. Next, Puke wrote a message about soliciting witnesses and asked a policewoman named Li Yan to help send it to the media and taxi companies. This Li Yan is one of the two people that Peng Dayong used to make fun of Puke. She is young, beautiful, and very enthusiastic. She often comes to Puke's office. Puke is somewhat clear in his heart, but his attention is not on this aspect, and he has no feeling, so he always acts as if nothing had happened. She was asked to help this time because she knew that policewomen, especially beautiful policewomen, would be more convenient than male policemen when they did this kind of thing outside. Li Yan readily promised Puke and left with what she had written. Poke tidied up and came to Mido's house. Puke spent the whole afternoon reading Jiang Lanlan's diary at Mido's house. Jiang Lanlan is a liberal arts class background, has a very good writing skills, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, but also see a bit of talent. Poke had never read a woman's diary before, and this time he turned the pages carefully, as if he had heard the inner voice of a dead woman, and he had a different feeling in his heart. This diary spans a long time, nearly three years. It can be seen that Jiang Lanlan's inner mood is very unstable, and many ideas are not like what she usually shows in front of Deng Hui and Teacher Zhao. According to the date, sometimes it is written every day for several days in a row, sometimes it is not recorded for several months in a row. For Deng Hui's feelings, it seems that they are difficult to grasp. Perhaps this is also a point that makes Deng Hui feel hurt. Before he thinks that his wife only betrayed him at the last stage of his life, in fact, his wife did not love him as he imagined or as he usually showed. This kind of record can almost destroy Deng Hui's whole emotional world. However, Poke is concerned about the contents of the last small part of the diary. Apparently, there was a shadow of another man between the lines. Jiang Lanlan has always written only "he", and some words and sentences are written in English. According to the transcript, the relationship began on September 21, or broke through on that day. Because before that, this "he" had never appeared. Puke calculated the date. September 21 was another Thursday, the day when Jiang Lanlan had no classes. On Thursday, September 21, he wrote: Today is very shocking. I didn't expect that there would be such a wonderful man, which is exactly what I expected from my childhood dream. In front of him, I lost my confidence for the first time. He must have looked very silly and helpless at that time. I really regret it. I should be more generous. I don't know what he will think of me, but I think I have no hope. But he seemed to see through my mind at a glance, and actually kissed me, both rude and tender, so that I gave birth to desire. On Friday, September 22, he wrote: I've been thinking about him all the time, and the students are not doing well in class. Hui called and suddenly felt very annoyed. Can you go to him again? Looking for him may make him despise me. But I only left home phone, but can not tell him directly, only I am at home, I do not take the initiative to find him, how can he call home? What should I do? For the rest of the weekend, I just remembered a few other things. There is no record on the 25th and 26th. On Wednesday, September 27, he wrote: What's wrong with me? They all have families, and he has such an identity, which is totally impossible. But I was possessed, just an hour of conversation and a kiss, and I couldn't help it. Hui called and wanted to be gentle with him, but he couldn't help showing coldness. Hui must be sad. And I only have his shadow in my dreams. There is no class tomorrow. He knows I have no class on Thursday and hopes to call. Otherwise,ultrasonic molten metal, I must go to find him. On Thursday, September 28, he wrote:.

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