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There is room for farming in rebirth

Yu Ermeng pinched her waist with punishment and regretted it. Why did he take his daughter-in-law to a place where there were many people? He should go to a place where there were few people, so that he could eat more to satisfy his craving. Army rules are strict, even if Yu Ermeng used to be so unfettered by the rules, now we still have to honestly abide by the rules of the army, the time is almost to go back. Song Muwen was full of reluctance, so she pouted. While no one was looking at her, Yu Ermeng kissed her lips quickly and said, "Well, don't be unhappy. I'll find time to come out and find you later. My officer supports me. I'm so old. It's time to give birth to some babies." Song Muwen blushed and said, "Can you still give birth to a baby when you go shopping?" "Then I'll ask for leave at night." Full of suggestive words, let Song Muwen feel more ashamed, breathing is difficult to get up. How did you learn to be such a hooligan? "To amuse you, of course!" Song Muwen grabbed Yu Ermeng's thigh and twisted it hard. In fact, she didn't take much advantage. Her muscles were too hard! In fact, Song Muwen is also looking forward to the date in the evening! Back to school, Song Muwen sighed, watching Yu Ermeng drive away, only to go back to the dormitory, indulging in beauty (?) What is really not good, but I am a person with a difficult task! Song Muwen shook her head and strode forward. A person in the back catches up with, way: "School younger sister, wait." Song Muwen looked back, and it turned out to be one of the seniors who sent her today. Hello,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, senior. "Don't call me senior, just call me Zhao Li. Was that your lover just now?" Song Muwen nodded and said, "Yes, he has a holiday today, so he came to me." Zhao Li is not quite the taste, just saw from a distance, the soldier really looks very good, two people stand together also good look,ultrasonic handheld welder, although do not want to admit, but this is the fact ah! Back to the dormitory, there is a roommate in the dormitory, and he is very old. She looks a little old, probably because her skin is a little dark. She is also very tall. She looks very fierce. In the words of later generations, she is a standard tough woman. However, he was a good person and greeted Song Muwen warmly. See that person one hand holds up a luggage bag, Song Muwen secretly surprised, this year's woman is also can't look down upon. After chatting for a while, I learned that this woman was from the north. Her name was Liu Li, a very common name. I heard that she took the name for the university entrance examination. She used to be called the second girl, because she was the second child in the family. Song Muwen rejoiced for her name again. Fortunately, she was not called Song Erya at the beginning. Liu Li said that she had been married for several years and was already the mother of two children. Her husband was a technician in the workshop, and the salary was very good. She used to be a technician herself, but she felt that she could not work for a lifetime, so she began to study. At the beginning, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, many people laughed at her, saying that she was really dreaming. But now that she was admitted to university, those who laughed at her had nothing to say. This is the inspirational version! Song Muwen also briefly talked about her own situation. "I didn't realize you were married," said Liu Li. "You look so young." Song Muwen smiled and said, "Maybe." "Girls in the south are all like you. They are white and clean, and they look so delicate that people like them." "Then I thank you on behalf of the girls in the south," said Song Muwen. Liu Li laughed. Liu Li brought a lot of things, not only with quilts, cups, basins and so on, but also with a few pickles and some strange things to eat. According to her introduction, they are all specialties of their home, and can be stored for a long time and full stomach, but the taste is not very good. Liu Li said that there is only one husband in the family, and there are two children to feed. The old people in the family also need money. Her husband is too hard to work alone, so she has to save some money. Song Muwen immediately felt very happy, the family's mother-in-law and father-in-law do not need to support, and even can subsidize their sons, the second brother's allowance is also a lot, there are other benefits, they also have some savings, even if they do not earn money, they are not short of money to spend. Heard that Song Muwen's husband is in the army, Liu Li is very envious, because this year is also the best treatment of the people in the army, and the power is also great. Military wives are also highly respected people. In 1978, individual industrial and commercial households reappeared in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou City specially approved Wenzhou to open a pilot market for urban agricultural and sideline products in Dongmen, and individual households that had disappeared for more than 20 years due to "prosperity without capital" reappeared in Wenzhou and other places. The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which opened the era of private economy in December, made it clear that the focus of the Party's work should be shifted to socialist modernization, and put forward that "members'private plots, household sideline production and market trade are necessary supplements to the socialist economy, and no one can interfere with them." It opened a new historical period of China's reform and opening up, and also opened the era of individual and private economy. "Make up for deficiencies" in 1979 On April 9, the State Council proposed for the first time to restore and develop the individual economy: "According to the needs of the local market, after obtaining the consent of the relevant competent business departments, some idle laborers with formal registered permanent residence may be approved to engage in individual labor in repair, service and handicraft industries, but they are not allowed to hire workers.". They should be issued business licenses, strengthen management with the streets and relevant business departments, and gradually guide them to take the road of collectivization. Encouraging and fostering the individual economy in 1980 In August, the Central Committee proposed that "under the overall planning and guidance of the state, the policy of combining the introduction of employment by labor departments, voluntary organization of employment and self-employment should be implemented." It takes the development of individual economy as a way to solve employment and puts forward the idea of "encouraging and fostering the development of individual economy in cities and towns". Establishment of the First Association of Self-employed Workers in China On August 9, the first national association of self-employed workers was established in Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Wenzhou issues the first batch of self-employed licenses In December, Wenzhou issued the first batch of business licenses for individual businesses, totaling 1844 households. Zhang Huamei, a self-employed person,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, received the first business license for individual industry and commerce in China, the No.10101 of Industrial and Commercial Certificate. In 1981, the number of self-employed households in China exceeded 1 million for the first time.

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