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Wolf God (Yue Guan)

Garfield's nationalistic pride swelled: "Good!"! There is no problem with this! Didn't I give you full authority? When can they ship the gold? Without a currency acceptable to all, the whole country became lifeless, merchants could not buy and sell, farmers had no intention of farming, and soldiers.. FeiTengWen Xue hand typing "Father!" As the old man was speaking, a very wretched middle-aged uncle appeared in the doorway, his two curved and upturned beards looking a little ridiculous. Garfield took one look at him and said grumpily, "What's the matter now?" The middle-aged man flinched in fright and murmured, "No." It's nothing. He was the Grand Master of the Order of the Blood Rose, the son of Garfield, the future Earl, and everyone called him Little Garfield from an early age. He was afraid of his father, but he had to rely on his father. As the leader of the Knights of the Blood Rose, he was not competent in both force and courage. The soldier bears a bear, the general bears a nest, "the blood rose" has declined in his hand. The order is not just a force organization, to know that the noble status of the knight is far from those civilians can have at will. Knights not only have noble status, but also have corresponding fiefdoms, manors and private soldiers. So an order of knights often means a fairly large political force. It is hoped that the Goddess Church will be defeated so quickly in front of the Holy Church of Light, and this incompetent guardian knight is also one of the reasons. Young nobles like to fight bravely and ruthlessly. Joining the Holy Church of Light to become a Templar Knight represents the supreme glory. What does joining the Knights of the Blood Rose represent? Only shame. The Order of Glory used its political advantages to attract many young knights to join the church. Because of his religious beliefs and conflicts of interest, members of the two orders often compete openly and secretly in many places, with dozens of private duels each year. This time, the two knights had a great conflict,sonicator homogenizer, about a battle between the knights on the outskirts of the city. Little Garfield was so frightened that he wanted to use his father's influence to stop the incident, but his instinctive fear of his father made him unable to say a word when he saw old Garfield. Leaving the hall and wandering around his room for a long time, little Garfield stamped his feet heavily, put on his dusty armor, picked up his sword which he had not wiped for a long time, and went out. Little Garfield is very pustular, but he also knows the responsibility of being a regimental commander. On the eastern outskirts of Sao Tome, many knights had gathered on both sides. The Knights of Glory were obviously strong, while the Knights of Blood Rose were yesterday's yellow flowers. Not only were there few people, but most of them were middle-aged uncles in their thirties and forties, which caused many ladies who came to watch the battle to hiss. Jedisaker, who had finished training early, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, had arrived outside the city with Celeste and was crowded in the crowd to watch the scene. Just then, little Garfield arrived in a hurry, and from a distance, he saw the funny look of his two big beards trembling as his horse ran and jumped. Oh, here comes another uncle! A lady called. Hee hee, it's little Garfield. Hey, do it gently for a while. These uncles are old and can't stand you young men! "But these middle-aged uncles like to torment young women like you. Don't you want me to avenge you?" Leander of the Order of Radiance teased triumphantly. The words immediately made the maidens angry, and the knights burst into laughter. Chapter 112 Blood Rose Knight. Colonel! Members of the Knights of the Blood Rose saluted little Garfield with their swords. Little Garfield reined in his reins, stroked his beard and pretended to be dignified. "What is this?"? Why is there a fight again? Are we supposed to have the same experience as these callow children? Little Garfield tried to ease the anger of his knights and avoid a fight, but his knights obviously did not understand the colonel's pains. A knight in his early thirties said, "Colonel, we don't want to have any conflict with them, but they are getting more and more arrogant now.". Taking advantage of the influence and power of the Holy Church of Light, they acted recklessly in the city of Ameridia, which was not a matter of a day or two. Yesterday they were even worse. When they passed the Statue of Hope, these rude guys spat like the pedestal of the Statue of Hope! The knight angrily pointed at Leander and his party and complained to the colonel. Little Garfield's face suddenly became serious. As a guardian knight, his duty was to maintain the dignity of the gods he believed in. The other side made a blasphemous act, any guardian knight saw, should not hesitate to use force to make the other side repent their sins. As the head of the Order of Apologists of the God of Hope, it should be even more so, otherwise it will really lose its prestige. Little Garfield poked his horse's head and approached Leander with a solemn face. "As a believer, you should know that faith is not to be desecrated," he said in a deep voice. Leander, I know your father very well, but that's no reason for me to forgive you. You must realize your mistakes! He waved his hand heavily. "You have desecrated the Goddess of Hope!"! As the most loyal servant and guardian of the goddess, I must wash away this shame! As soon as the knights of the Order of Rose heard this, they all drew out their swords with a sound, and for a moment they were as strong as mountains. The girls who watched the battle around screamed excitedly, and the ladies who were usually afraid to see an ant did not know why they liked to watch men bleed so much. Leander took two steps back nervously. Although little Garfield was known for his cowardice, he was just a coward, a gentle character formed under the discipline of a grumpy and eccentric father. It didn't mean how bad his martial arts skills were. This kind of person was really angry. Leander was really scared. Small Add. Uncle Garfield, I.. I At this point, he suddenly realized that he should not behave too badly. Otherwise, they will be laughed at by their companions and disdained by women. He straightened his chest, changed his attitude, and said proudly, Well, Colonel Garfield, what are you going to do? I want you to apologize to me! Little Garfixiong clenched his sword in high spirits,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and the knights, who held their swords high behind them, almost fell off their saddles when they heard this.

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