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So soon? Yao Lao was stunned. With a low cry of disbelief, he threw himself into the bag of Gan Kun to explore the divine consciousness. In an instant, he was stunned on the spot. After a while, he probed the number of elixirs in the other two Gankun bags, and swept them back and forth several times before he was really sure that he was not dizzy, and his heart was shocked and happy. How's it going Seeing Yao Lao's expression, Zhenmeng was so curious that she couldn't suppress her mouth and asked. When Yao Lao reported the number of the three basic elixirs, the three people were shocked. The young man and Lin Yushuang were fine, but they were simply shocked by the number. And Zhenmeng goes to understand each and data, if let Zhenbaozhai own alchemy, the same number of these herbs, practice out of Sanhe Dan medicine all add up, will never exceed five hundred thousand workers, also because of her understanding, let her more excited and happy. But the main thing is not the difference in quantity. Yao Lao's hands trembled slightly as he held the three heaven and earth. Then in the eyes of the other three people, he said slowly, "It's the difference in efficacy. The fineness and smell of these pills are the best of the pills. The effect must be several percent better than the ordinary ones, and there may even be a double difference!" Yao Lao said that the three of them did not continue to be surprised, but because of some numbness. But the white cloud is one raises the eyebrow, he did not pay attention to the medicinal property question, but this is also the affirmative matter. It is not surprising that the ancient formula, together with the original Qi in the original immortal tripod, has this effect. Eleven less! Able people work hard, and then I'll trouble you again! Yao Lao gave a salute to Bai Yun, and then there was a flash of brilliance in front of him. Hundreds of Gan Kun bags were suspended in front of Bai Yun, which made him surprised. "This is the white cloud, pointing to these dry bags, with a bad feeling." How interesting! This is the great appeal of the eleven young people. These herbs are given to you spontaneously by countless people of insight and clans to refine the elixir. Yao Lao laughed admiringly and then explained to Bai Yun what had happened during this time. And! There are countless people who are constantly delivering herbs. This time it was Baiyun's turn to be stunned. Even though his heart was strong and indifferent,water bottling line, this time he was really moved by the selfless unity of all living beings in Xuantu. This can not help but remind him of his hometown, the country where the whole world trembled at the outbreak of the power of national subjugation, and there are some similarities between the two! Of course, in addition to moving, he is also a little distressed by so many herbs, but also in a steady stream of delivery. Home! Those old friends, are you all right! When the war is over, I will go back. One, one, one, one Free: I find I've been a little wordy lately, and I always want to talk to people. The plot of this book is basically for fighting, and the branch lines like Zhenbaozhai are basically not written! I don't know how it's written. There are few side lines in the book, and they basically follow the main line all the way! In 400000 words, water bottle packaging machine ,CSD filling line, the Xuantu Chapter, the Black Earth Chapter and the Continent of the Gods Chapter were completed. Is the progress too fast? The chapter is wrong I want to report an error Chapter 173 "Thor General"- Black Earth Continent] Chapter 173 "Thor General"- Chapter 173 "Thor General"- Search for updates here. "Eleven less!"! Tangmen agreed to your words, saying that the past grudges, let it disappear! When the matter of Yao Lao was over, the man could not wait to step forward and say to Bai Yun, looking a little perturbed and excited. When he said Baiyun's words to the master, he could clearly feel that the master, who had been frowning for several years, was obviously relieved, as if he had put down a big stone in his heart, and it was true. Baiyun has already grown to the point that Xuanming Zong can't fight, the other side really wants to suppress and kill, even Xuanshen Zong can't protect: Over the years, Lin Fengtian has been in a state of anxiety, often dreaming of Baiyun Junlin Xuanming Zong, turning it into a world of blood. This nightmare has been with him for so many years. He has some signs of premature senility. He has lost his ambition in the past, but now he can finally get rid of it. He doesn't have to live in panic all day. Naturally, he is full of promises. Thirty years of He Zun, thirty years of Hexi, no! It's only been five years and it's been reversed. The tired Lin Fengtian was ready to step down from the position of suzerain and go to the front to become an ordinary soldier: Life is not sad, death is not bitter. "Lin Fengtian, who was liberated, realized a lot of truth.". Under this artistic conception of indifference to nothingness, no one can imagine that Lin Fengtian in the future will become a great master of the whole Xuantu, enter the Academy, be respected by hundreds of millions of people, and create a school to become the first teacher of all living beings. The other eleven less, my name is Xuan! Can you accept me? I want to work under you! After seeing Baiyun nodded noncommittally, Xuan hesitated for a while before hesitating to express his wishes: however, Baiyun frowned but did not reply, which made Xuan more nervous. Cosmic Evolver System 123 Read Cosmic Evolver System 173 Chapter 173 "Thor General" "Eleven less!"! You are a general now, how can you have no soldiers? When it's your turn to take charge of the border, you'll have to go to the front to guard it. When the time comes, you can't do it without soldiers! Medicine old look a move, suddenly socket advice, let Xuan a burst of gratitude: "Trouble!" Bai Yun frowned and answered that he was used to fighting alone and suddenly asked him to lead his troops to the battlefield, feeling a little constrained. The most important thing was that he had to gather the soldiers first, and then he had to run in and so on. He had a headache when he thought about it. Eleven less noble and more eventful, or give things to the old man? How about telling the world in the name of eleven young people to help you raise people of insight? Yao Lao suggested, "After finishing everything, I will hand it over to Shiyishao." "Yes, yes!"! "I still have a large group of friends waiting for the recruitment of eleven less, when I go out to say, they are not happy crazy!" After Xuan hurriedly finished, his eyes looked forward to waiting for the top of the white clouds. This,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, that troublesome medicine is old! Bai Yun hesitated for a moment, then simply nodded, so that Xuan blushed with excitement and clenched his fists.

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