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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao

This purple lightning also attracted the attention of the Demon army at the same time, this elite army neatly like a person, unexpectedly in an instant the whole army stopped, static. All the Demons guard their posts, and for a moment, the thick dark breath suddenly filled the air from the Demon army. Also at this time, in the place where the purple light lit up, there was a loud noise, as if the whole Royal Devil Mountain was shaking with the loud noise, and then the rumbling sound was like a rolling thunder, which kept roaring violently on the high peak. In the looming golden and purple light, we can see a large number of rolling stones falling from the sky, crazy toward the foot of the mountain. At the same time, there was also a loud rumbling noise on the other side of the mountain, and a large number of boulders rolled down from the top of the mountain. At this time, the Demon army is passing through a mountain depression, and it is the peaks on both sides that produce the roar of falling rocks, and the Demon army has just passed half, it must be too late to withdraw. It is a situation that can not be advanced or retreated. Although it is in the mountains,x52 line pipe, the drop between the top of the mountain and the bottom of the mountain is still more than 1000 meters. These huge stones fall from the sky, and their power is no less terrible than the power of the six-order magic rockfall rain. [No pop-up ads.] Chapter 159 surprise attack! (Top) However, this Demon army is really strong, suddenly encountered such an attack, they did not panic at all, all the hell demons quickly gathered together, while the bear demon is a one-to-one guard in the side of the hell demon,316ti stainless steel, quickly completed the pairing, while the crazy Demons and Demons are dealing with each other. Among them, half of the Demons flew into the air to intercept the falling rocks in the first batch. At least break up the falling rocks to make them smaller. Seal of the Throne] But also separated a part of the Demons to face the difficulties and flew straight to the top of the peaks on both sides. Extremely fast. There is no doubt that the surprise attack on both sides of the mountain came from Wang yuanyuan and Sima Xian, who also managed to find such a suitable place to launch. Long Haochen is not worried about their safety, we have been fighting with the Demons for such a long time, they naturally know what to do. The Demon Mountain is the best place to hide themselves. With the spirit furnace, equipment and self-cultivation, it is not easy for the Demons to catch up with them. They will not give the enemy a chance to surround them. Long Haochen also took advantage of the opportunity that the Demons were busy dealing with falling rocks in the air, and quickly summoned the four holy guards to come out and briefly talk about the situation in front of him, including his goal. Expose the enemy's tracks as much as possible, and at the same time delay the enemy's advance. Of the four holy guards, the other three coincidentally looked at the holy guard No.9. After thinking for a moment, the holy guard No.9 looked at the other three holy guards. Then he turned to Long Haochen and said, uns s32760 plate ,uns s32750 sheet, "Master, what level of importance is it to you to delay and kill these enemies?" Long Haochen said without hesitation: "Very, very important." Holy Guard No.9 nodded silently, turned to the other three holy guards, and said in a deep voice, "Lend me your strength." Then he said to Long Haochen again, "Master, after helping you solve the problem this time, we all have to sleep for at least a month to restore the consumed soul power through the Eternal Tower." Long Haochen was startled, and just when he wanted to ask, the other three holy guards already had some jargon. Their movements were neat, one, and they quickly surrounded Saint David Nine in the center, and then the three of them trembled violently. The fire of the soul in the eye socket beats extremely violently. Long Haochen was shocked to see that a trace of milky white light was separated from their eyes and transferred to the body of Shengwei No.9. The breath of the three holy guards became weak at an alarming rate. On the contrary, the ninth holy guard became strong at an alarming rate, breaking from the peak of the seventh order to the eighth order almost instantaneously, and then rising. Here to.. Long Haochen, after a brief shock, had already realized that it was the three holy guards who were injecting their own soul energy into the holy guard No.9. Moreover, it is not the ordinary soul energy, but the most original soul energy. Otherwise, how could they become so weak? "Whoosh.." A red light was the first to return to the eternal melody. It was Saint Wei No.12. After its return, Long Haochen could not feel its existence at once. It was obvious that it had fallen into a deep sleep, as Saint Wei No.9 said. St. David No.11 only lasted a little longer than No.12, and then St. David No.10. The whole process of transmitting soul energy lasted only a dozen seconds. When all the three holy guards disappear. Long Haochen was shocked to find that the Shengwei No.9 in front of him had undergone tremendous changes. The size of his body remained the same, but the yellow soul fire in his eyes brought out a faint golden luster. At the same time, the white bones of the body have a layer of fire like diamonds. Although it is not strong, it gives people a feeling of crystal clear, extremely tough and heavy. Shengwei No.9 did not say much, but nodded to Long Haochen, and the next moment, it had already jumped up and quietly headed for one side of the mountain. Disappear in an instant. Before he left, he left only one message to Long Haochen, to hold these Demons and not let them leave between the two mountains. Although I don't know what the Holy Guard No.9 is going to do, Long Haochen absolutely believes in the loyalty of these holy guards. What's more, the action of the Holy Guard No.9 also relies on the soul power of the other three holy guards. How can it be ordinary magic? In a flash of golden light, Yating was summoned by Long Haochen. At this time, the rockfall in the air was over, and Sima Xian and Wang yuanyuan must have withdrawn. After discovering that there is no danger, these Demon armies must continue to move forward. In their view, at most, it was only discovered by the Temple Alliance. By this time,uns c70600, they had gone deep into the Demon Mountains, so it was obviously impossible to retreat. After all, it was not impossible for the elite to shake the exorcism barrier. It was not easy for the Temple Alliance to stop them from entering the human territory.

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