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However Looking at Wen Ying, Wen Wangzhong's relaxed face sank again. No matter how good he was, what Xiaoying liked was a literati who was knowledgeable, courteous and elegant. Lin Dong didn't know what Wen Wangzhong was thinking. He pouted at the noodle stall across the street and asked, "Do you know Jiang Kui?" "I haven't come into contact with him. I've heard from my neighbors that he's a poor child. I heard that his character is not bad, but he's too fierce and his voice is so loud that he's almost thirty years old. No matchmaker dares to come to the door." Wen Wangzhong sighed with emotion and immediately said with some puzzlement, "Does shopkeeper Lin know Jiang Kui?" Yes, he is a good cook. I want to invite him to be a chef in an inn. But he.. Lin Dong looked at Wen Ying with a smile: "But he felt that there was nothing more important in the world than seeing Wen Ying from a distance every day." Wen Ying blushed for a moment, and her little hands were twisted together at a loss. Wen Wangzhong is a little gloomy, originally for Jiang Kui, that young man. Don't say it's not Xiaoying's type, even if it is, he will object. Shopkeeper Lin, I think our father and daughter should not be disturbed. "Wen Wangzhong said helplessly." Don't worry, Wen Ying doesn't like it, and I will never impose on others. Lin Dong said with a smile, "Besides, you can promise to pay Lingshi for accommodation. Even without Jiang Kui, there is no reason to shut out such a good business." "This.." Wen Wangzhong still hesitated. Otherwise, you can go to Shibei Street to inquire about Lin Dong's character. If it's good,x60 line pipe, you can tell the inn clerk and ask them to arrange for you to live in the backyard of the new inn. If it's not good, you can just walk away. Wen Wangzhong nodded, which was a good idea. So, shall we go first? Lin Dong nodded, good reputation, sometimes really useful. As long as Wen Wangzhong was looking for someone to inquire in Shibei Street, he would not believe that the father and daughter would walk away. When the father and daughter walked away, Lin Dong went to the noodle stall with a smile. Boss,x56 line pipe, a bowl of noodles. Sitting firmly on the stool, Lin Dong greeted Jiang Kui, who was somewhat disheartened. That one This Jiang Kui's expression was coy, but his loud voice was still powerful in Lin Dong's ears. What, this and that? Do you want to raise the price because I like to come here to eat noodles? "No, no." Jiang Kui's hands, which were the size of a cattail leaf fan, kept swinging. "Just now I saw the owner of Wenji Antique Shop carrying a bundle and walking with you for a while. I want to ask him where he's going." Lin Dong can't help laughing, this silly big man, originally is not too silly, but also knows to beat around the Bush. I didn't plan to go anywhere, but the antique shop was in some trouble. Boss Wen thought of taking shelter in my inn. Jiang Kui breathed a sigh of relief quietly, and his face in the beard also showed a little smile: "Did he say how long he would stay?" "Who can say clearly? It's too much trouble. At least you have to live in my place for a year or two, and it's even harder to say if it's long." Boom Jiang Kui stumbled and knocked out the table where Lin Dong was. What's going on? You really don't want to make noodles for me? Lin Dong did not have a good airway: "Kui I also want to invite you to my inn as a cook, a333 grade 6 pipe ,347 stainless steel, unexpectedly, looking honest, there is a black heart that specializes in killing acquaintances." With a sound of miso, Jiang Kui bounced up with ecstasy on his face. He grabbed Lin Dong and said, "You mean you want to invite me to your place to be a cook?" Lin Dong's tone is flat: "Yes, I have this idea." "I'll go, I'll go. I don't want any silver." Jiang Kui opened his mouth wide, and his laughter made the roof of the shed tremble. All right, pack up and come back to the inn with me. Lin Dong waved his hand. All right. Jiang Kui immediately took action, a wooden table in one hand, three or two times all stacked together. Perhaps thinking of something, Jiang Kui's excitement cooled down when he tidied up the stove. He turned to look at Lin Dong and murmured, "I don't need the wages. You just take care of my satiety.". However, when boss Wen comes back, I will open a noodle stall here again. ” Another Liu Xiu? Lin Dong has some helplessness, the best guy is a temporary worker, is it difficult, the best cook is also a temporary worker? "What if I give you twenty taels of silver a month?" "That's no good either. This noodle stall was left by my second uncle. As long as I don't starve to death, I can't destroy what he left behind." Jiang Kui shook his head desperately. If I'm trying to get Wenying to marry you? How is this, how is this possible? How could Miss Wenying marry me? Jiang Kui was a little flustered. I mean if, "Lin Dong said word by word.". Jiang Kui felt dizzy at the thought of Wen Ying standing with him in her bride's clothes. That, that.. Then I'll work for you all my life, and I don't want to be paid. Want to starve your wife and children to death without wages? All right, pack your things and come with me. Lin Dong stood up with a brilliant smile on his face. What a big fool who forgets filial piety. The first chef of Lin Ji Inn, he is going to order. Text Chapter 53 Inn Level 3 Chapter 53 Inn Level 3. Jiang Kui tidied up the noodle stall, and Lin Dong went home with him again. The things that should be brought are thrown on the bed, the sheets are wrapped and thrown on the shoulders, and the two of them rush all the way to Lin Ji Inn. In the inn, although it was not yet time for dinner, the fifteen tables were already more than half full. Seeing Lin Dong coming back with a big man with a rough face, the thin bamboo pole and others hurriedly surrounded him, among whom there was Ma Chun. Seeing that Lin Dong looked at him with a slight surprise, Ma Chun looked at Jiang Kui and quickly explained, "Shopkeeper, I think Boss Wen is with you, and I think the shopkeeper has made other progress, so.." Lin Dong nodded secretly. The boy's eyesight was really good and his reaction was quick. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Would you really like to be a waiter in an inn?" "Yes," Ma Chun nodded hurriedly. " All right, from today on, you will be the clerk of Lin Ji Inn. In the inn, the two sides confirm orally, and the inn system will automatically add each other to the inn. Liu Xiu this temporary fellow has been the regret of Lin Dong heart, so every time the inn has a new fellow to join, he will be the first time to check each other's attributes. This time is no exception,321 stainless steel sheet, subconsciously opened the inn system to see the eye, immediately, Lin Dong eyes glittering in the pupil.

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