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To be a ghost is to break up men and women.

Xia Xiaodian did not want to believe that the person inside was really herself. How could her good melon seed face become a Chinese character face? Her nose was surrounded by tawny pockmarks, and her lips were as thick as a sausage in her mouth. And his eyes were swollen like a pair of blindfolded pigs. A first-class makeup artist can't get this effect, can he? It's a plastic surgery. It's just that others are beautiful and she is ugly. Put on your clothes and we'll go to see the bride. When Jiang Qiyang came in, Xia Xiaodian was still looking left and right in the mirror, as if he could see a flower on his face. Oh Xia Xiaodian was startled by the cold voice and threw the mirror in his hand back into the small cabinet. Leng Leng took a light green dress, she asked: "Your identity has been counterfeited?" If not, why did he change into another one? Who is the groom outside. Jiang Qiyang ignored her and sat lazily in his chair, picking up his cup and drinking tea to show that he was satisfied with his present identity and that he was living a comfortable life. Did not get the answer you want, Xia Xiaodian did not continue to ask, anyway, her purpose is to catch up with Jiang Qiyang, to prevent him from being with Lin Lingling. And now the situation is very favorable to her, better than expected, and that's enough. As for what he wants to do, she shouldn't care about it. Knock ", the door is knocked politely.". Jiang Qiyang glanced at Xia Xiaodian and saw that she had put on her clothes. Then he slowly put down the teacup and got up to open the door. Listen to the voice, it should be Jiang Fu's boy. My cousin, there is a man outside who claims to be the third prince who wants to see the bride, saying that he is the bride's cousin,x52 line pipe, and he does not agree to the marriage. The master said he couldn't handle it and let you go. My Lord? Sitting inside listening to them, Xia Xiaodian repeated the word softly, thinking about the characters mentioned in the script, inexplicably a little jumpy. At the beginning, Xia Xiaodian, the cannon fodder, did succeed in escaping from marriage, but I don't know whether it was doomed or tragic. When it was difficult for her to escape and hide,316 stainless steel plate, she met Jiang Qiyang who went out to see a doctor. Jiang Qiyang also helped her very skillfully. At that time, she did not know that the person who helped her was her husband who she had abandoned, and the girl's heart was budding. It happened that when she wanted to express her love, she found that this man was the husband she had given up. Now she was annoyed and regretful. Finally, he foolishly ran to Jiang's house and said that she was the woman that Jiang Qiyang was marrying. Lin Lingling naturally can not abdicate, this time she has firmly sat in Mrs. Jiang's position, no one can take away. By her noisy, Jiang Qiyang actually nodded, let her into the Jiang family, became his flat wife. Into is into the door, but where she can fight Lin Lingling, in private only be abused everywhere. In the end, Lin Lingling could not tolerate her, uns s31803 sheet ,x56 line pipe, so she bribed someone to give her an ecstasy while she was sleeping. She also specially found Jiang Qiyang's cousin, who was a guest at Jiang's house at that time, and indicated that he could go to find Xia Xiaodian as cannon fodder at night for a spring breeze. And this cousin is the cousin master how, looks like a belly of bad water, the fact is also a belly of bad water, to a little bit of beauty of women are salivating, romantic debt that is one after another. Especially for the charming Xia Xiaodian, looking at Jiang Qiyang's indifference to Xia Xiaodian, there was a ghost in his heart, and he did not know how much advantage he had taken from her in private. Lin Lingling saw all these in her eyes, so she naturally found He Qi. In order not to have an accident, she also first looked for someone to Xia Xiaodian after the drug, only then told how, was afraid that he did not have the courage to give up halfway. This idea hit well, the cannon fodder Xia Xiaodian lost his body in a daze and did not know, until later he felt uncomfortable, a check was actually pregnant. It was a bolt from the blue for her. You know, Jiang Qiyang had never touched her, and she had been waiting for Jiang to look at her more. Just when she was at a loss and did not know who had defiled herself, a servant girl who had been serving her reported her to Jiang Qiyang, saying that she had seen her having an affair with her cousin. It was not clear, because even she herself was not sure what had happened, so she was inexplicably accused of an unclean reputation. Jiang Qiyang did not say that he wanted to divorce her at that time, but only said that he would find out and deal with it later. But she could not accept the fact that she might have been defiled by the man who looked at her with strange eyes and was pregnant, and she was almost mad. That night, she sneaked out of Jiang Fu, jumped into the bottomless river, and ended her young life. Xia Xiaodian thought about it and couldn't help looking at He Qi standing in the doorway, no, it should be Jiang Qiyang, that mood is a long story. Now she couldn't tell whether the plot was true or whether there was an inside story. If it is Jiang Qiyang himself who defiled Xia Xiaodian, the cannon fodder? You can't say defilement. It's said that Jiang Qiyang helped her get rid of the ecstasy, but he didn't tell her. So, didn't she die unjustly? Can Jiang Qiyang be blamed for this crime? Really, a man who doesn't like to say anything is harmful. And Jiang Qiyang is that kind of man, what love to rest assured, what do not want to say more with people. And why is he pretending to be this what? "What are you thinking?" Once again, out of the blue, Jiang Qiyang's bad face had come to her. "Let's go." He would like to know how the third prince could get someone from him. Next time, can you not be frightened and come out with this face to scare people? Unable to accept this appearance, Xia Xiaodian muttered behind him. Jiang Qiyang had a good ear and did not look back. He said to her lightly, "You look like that now." ".." She was forced, forced, okay? Who wants to walk through the streets with this sausage mouth. To the living room of Jiang Fu,316l stainless steel pipe, there are not many people inside, except for a few servants standing, only sitting in a wheelchair with a sad face of'Jiang Jiazhu 'and not long ago saw the long Shaomo who claimed to have found Xia Xiaodian for several years.

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