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Yue Guan-the world of great struggle txt full edition fine collation edition

"Ah!" Qi Bao gave a cry of surprise. With excessive force, his mandibular joint made a clatter. He lost his voice and cried, "You are Qingji, Childe Qingji!"! You Shouldn't you be in Aicheng now? Why. At this point he changed his color and said, "Why did you come to Diqiu?"? Did you get the invitation of the Marquis of Wei or come here without authorization? Qingji smiled and said, "Won't Doctor Qi invite my son to sit down?"? Although Qingji came uninvited, this is not the way to entertain guests. "Childe.." Sit down, please Qi Bao looked at the leisure, look calm down, in his mind, there is leisure to accompany. Qingji appeared in Qufu, should be invited by Wei Hou. I just don't know why he came to see me. When Qingji took his seat, Qi Bao asked again, "Did you come to Diqiu at the invitation of the king?"? I don't know why I came to my mansion today. Qingji said with a smile, "Qingji is here to help and ask for help." Qi Bao stared and said, "What do you mean by that?" "I know, Doctor Qi," said Qingji, "that you and Madam Jun have joined hands to deal with Doctor Gongmeng. You have already annoyed him by pressing forward step by step. In the past, he left his post again and again to harvest the fields, which made the doctor lose face and became a joke in the eyes of the doctors in Diqiu. But there is no actual loss,Inflatable water obstacle course, and this time. Doctor Gongmeng was really angry. He had persuaded the Marquis of Wei that he wanted to take back you and Doctor Beigong Xi to seal the fields of the city. Did he cut you and so on? Hearing this, Qi Bao was shocked. "How could it be possible?" He exclaimed. "Aren't you lying about me?" Qingji said calmly, "Qingji doesn't know whether it's true or not.". This news, Qing Ji still listens to the son to say. Qi Bao immediately stared at Mi Xian with a pair of tiger eyes. Mi Xian was a little embarrassed and said, "This news was told to Mi Xian by Yong Ji, a member of the temple. He said that the king went to Gongmeng's house for a banquet yesterday. The king himself promised Gongmeng that he would be responsible for the matter. In a few days, Gongmengfu mobilized his military forces to coordinate near Diqiu and ordered you to be taken." When Qi Bao heard this, he was sure. Since his dismissal,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he has sent people to the palace all day to inquire about the news. Urging his wife to come forward to seek justice for him, he accidentally heard the news that Gongmeng was transferring a defense force by the Yellow River to rush back to Diqiu. At that time, he didn't think it was related to him a

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