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Go to the horizon alone

"Why do you ask so many questions?" The wind whistled. "Hide first!" Liu Ruoxu did not respond for a moment, the wind thought she was looking for a place to hide, suddenly received a message: "Oh!"! It's coming up before it's time! The wind rustling frightened, looked up, and sure enough, Longyan and others had jumped to the top of the mountain. The wind rustles hurriedly displays "the wind gallops" with all one's strength, "whoosh" suddenly jumps out several meters, and flows the month to pull open a big section of distance. The flow of the moon was taken aback, but now only in the track, which dare to ask, hurriedly also step up the pace, at the same time sent a message asked: "What's wrong?" Feng Xiao Xiao replied: "They are all up, hurry up, don't lose them!" " Flowing moon also fully display flying skill, but still can only helplessly watch the wind rustling and their distance is getting bigger and bigger, shocked to really realize that the wind rustling flying skill is not undeserved. The wind was rustling to the top of the mountain, but he didn't dare to show up directly. He turned around and went around to one side of the woods to see what was going on. Flowing moon is more afraid to show up, more carefully around to the woods, and the wind rustling together to probe out. In the open space outside the woods, Longyan and other five people stood side by side, opposite a large group of people, it is Liu Ruoxu and a group of low-level players she brought. No wonder I didn't come to hide,Inflatable indoor park, so many people are here! The wind is rustling, but I didn't let you hide it all, you hide it yourself! In Liu Ruoxu's group, a player stood up and shouted, "Who are you?"! What are you doing here? It was the flame that came out here. "We're looking for her," said the flame. Said a hand pointing to Liu Ruoxu. "What can I do for you?" Asked Liu Ruoxu. "You're the only one we're looking for," said the flame. "Tell your little brothers to go back first." Flaming arrogant remarks immediately aroused public indignation, the players shouted and scolded: "Drive us away,Inflatable mechanical bull, with what!" " "With this," said the blazing flame. The wind has guessed that he is going to play cool again, but I don't know if he is going to fry eggs this time. The answer is no, the flame galloping horse rushed to the wind and the flow of the moon, two people surprised, especially the flow of the moon appears more nervous, has he been found? How do you explain that? But both of them calmed down and did not do anything to frighten the snake. They just watched nervously as the flame ran closer and closer. The flame did not get into the woods. He stopped at the edge of the woods, suddenly pulled out his knife and cut at the woods. The two men suddenly felt a hot blast of air that made their faces ache, and a stump with a thick bowl mouth on the edge of the woods was divided into two parts by the flames. But the performance of the flame did not come to an end, only to see him again horizontal knife immediately, "brush brush" cut out a few knives, the stump was cut into several sections, burning a raging fire, flying in all directions, of which the thickest and longest section was falling in the middle of two groups of people, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable air dancer, the flame unhurriedly closed the knife, walked back to their own camp, very inadvertently repeated again: "With this!" Liu Ruoxu and others looked at the ground burning to the red wood section, the face became pale, this move compared to fried eggs, obviously more deterrent. There was also a man in the woods whose face was livid, and it was the flowing moon. He was not shocked by the amazing knife of the flames, but was hit by the wood flying out of the flames. At that time, the flames were on the edge of the woods, and the moon did not dare to make a sound, let alone get up to escape. The wood section rebounded from several trees and hit the forehead of Liuyue. Although it was no longer

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