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Battlestar-The Legend of Macross

Lisa's face immediately took on a look of disapproval, and she knew that the order to Rick and the specific content, taking an outsider on board the ship was actually disobeying the order. But she also believes that if this is the only way for Minmei to return to the warship, Rick's decision may be correct. But she still couldn't figure out why the staff officers, especially those responsible for organizing civilian and propaganda affairs, were so determined to cater to most of the girl's demands. In addition, she learned during her trip to the Alaska base that no one was allowed to tell the outside world that sdf-1 had returned to earth to call Minmei to visit her parents, not even her biological parents. Damn the Supreme Council, they will send the secret police to pressure the parties to achieve their goals. It's a happy ending. Rick groaned. "All his neighbors have come to see him." "Ah!"! A handsome boy! Sammie blurted out. Her two best friends immediately made ecstatic noises of agreement, and Lisa glanced back at the place where the crowd had gathered. Lin Kai, Minmei and his mother were greeting the guests and making wisecracks with his relatives and friends from time to time. Lisa suddenly stopped breathing. He's — he's so much like Carl! Gentle, peaceful Carl, the only man she had ever loved, had left her forever. The terrible trio has already entered the role. Kim,inflatable castle with slide, what's the use of staring at people? Don't be shy, it's not that terrible! Sammie couldn't stop giggling. Kim retorted, "Ah, yes!"! But it seems that you saw him first. Sammie collapsed in her seat with laughter. Max sat upright. He lifted his long blue hair from his forehead, which blocked his view, and wiped his glasses with a napkin on the table. Vanessa asked Rick,Inflatable outdoor park, "What did you say her cousin's name was again?" "I think I just said'Lin Kai, '" Rick muttered. "Oh, my God, he's so handsome, isn't he?" The terrible trio shouted at once. It seems that they have rehearsed this sentence many times, and they are in tune with each other like one person. All the people in the lobby could hear it clearly. So maybe the term "bridge bunny" is not bad for them. Max smiled, put his big glasses back on, and turned his eyes to Lin Kai again. Look how happy Minmei is. Said Kim. Rick was about to say something sour to show his disdain when Tommy? Mayor Luan came to their table. He was as excited as ever. Ah, ha ha, Rick, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable amusement park, my boy! So, they are all your good friends, right? Why don't you introduce me to these ladies, huh? Rick began to suspect Tommy? Is there no time for Luan not to make friends and pull relations? 。 But before he could answer, Minmei's cousin came to the table, followed by Minmei. Now she was like a loyal pet. Hello, Mr. Mayor. I'm glad you're back on Earth. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lin Kai. Welcome to my father's hotel. Minmei leaned on his arm and said, "Hi!" Rick suddenly heard Lisa make a little noise unconsciously, and he saw that something about Lin Kai was distracting her. The terrible trio greeted Lin Kai one by one, but Max just said a decent word to deal with it. The mayor said enthusiastically, "Look, Lin Kai, even if you don't like the army any more, I'm afraid you have to admit that the girls in front of you are all great beauties!" Lisa took a breath. Even in this respect, he and Carl are so similar! "Uh-oh, did I just say something I shouldn't have?" Tommy? Luan deliberately put on an innocent look and asked. "Well, it is better for young people to get to know each other by themselves.". He sauntered off again. "Sorry, I'll go first." Max clearly felt that there was a sense of contentment in Mr. Mayor's smirk-as if he had accomplished something. But what on earth is that? "Did Mr. Mayor say just now that you are disgu

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