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Liu Qingqing a shock also have the feeling of enlightenment yes Fan is now arrogant and ruthless are derived from his financial resources and status if one day he has nothing then he will be like that year even if it is arrogant to bow But Liu Qingqing forgot even if Fan Yi bowed his head it was only temporary he would silently look for opportunities to retaliate against all the people who let him yield to be recovered But when Dell said that he had nothing he not only meant destroying all the fame and wealth he owned but also destroying others A useless person who had nothing could only stay with one person because he could no longer make a choice and could only be trampled upon by others Liu Qingqing thought for a moment she knew that doing so was undoubtedly signing a contract with the devil but the temptation to have Fan forever was too great for her because for Fan she paid too much she needed a return and a high return She peeked at Dell and saw that he was still smiling harmless but full of temptation She knew she could not escape so she could only choose to fall What do you want from me if you help me like this She also knew that there was no free lunch in the world and that he must Office & School Supplies have something else behind it Dell's slightly cold hand like a dead man's hand without a trace of temperature when the hand touched her skin she could clearly feel the smell of blood and death Good it's good to have such a consciousness What I want you to do is very simply help me spy on Amir Muhammad Nasser Ahmad Rahman He announced slowly as if he were really talking about the weather today Emil Why He's a good friend of Zhuo Jieqing Liu Qingqing thought he had a thousand reasons but never thought it would be Emil Hearing this Dell's grace and gentleness suddenly disappeared and his silver eyes half narrowed like a demon about to get angry You just do what I say and you don't need to know anything else His displeasure filled her with fear "but" However the security around him The bodyguard is very powerful and vigilant and he wants to Get close to him or spy on him no It's so easy At this point Dell smiled again and patted her face with his palm "You'll find a way I believe you" And what happened today if there's a third person who knows You know what I mean With that he took out a handkerchief from his jacket pocket to wipe his hands and walked out of the narrow darkness without looking back At the moment when his figure disappeared from sight he felt that his heartbeat could hardly bear any acceleration any more It had reached the limit of beating It was like an overloaded machine that might stop at any time Finally he was breathing It felt like he was very close to death I am the dividing line Under the shade of luxuriant leaves in the sparse light people are anxiously looking for him and at the moment of seeing him it seems that the soul has returned to the body I'm afraid you'll have an accident again China Suppliers She did not ask him where he had gone but worried that something had happened to him and her gentle and considerate heart made him feel guilty Holding her in his arms he apologized in a low voice "I'm sorry to worry you but" I also went to find you today I can have freedom you are indispensable but I have not given a hug or even a thank you so I see you have not come back for so long I can not wait to find you "Fool" I don't know if it was an illusion but she could feel that his words were not right but she chose to believe him The kiss was lightly imprinted on her forehead "Thank you Ching" He stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips "Dell when you're better we'll have a big engagement wedding I want to tell everyone that you Dell is my Zhuo Jieqing's man and no woman can touch you" Shallow and gentle smile suddenly congealed in the corners of his mouth saying that it was a lie to be unhappy and finally to be her fiance which he had been waiting for even if he walked into the palace of marriage hand in hand with her in the future But what he did next was undoubtedly a betrayal of Packaging & Printing her and his original purpose of approaching her was also bad if she knew this would she still be willing to join hands with him There was no doubt that he loved her but he also knew that even though he had a place in her heart now she had never said that she loved him This perception so that he has been very depressed but he has been waiting but what is about to happen will there be a chance for him to wait until she said that to him He doesn't know He was at a loss and suddenly wanted to stop everything put all the hatred and resentment behind him so quietly accompanied her waiting for her until the day when breathing stopped Feeling his great mood change Zhuo Jieqing became slightly uneasy and stroked his absent face "Dell I know we should have a family after all we've been through but now I haven't got my revenge and it's not the right time to get married" She paused a little "If you don't want to" His fingertips touched her red lips "No Qing I do I do" Suddenly he laughed again "but we are not reversed marriage should be asked by me then I am willing to these three words should also be said by you" "Now I'll give you another chance to propose my vampire" She laughed Her smile is very pure like bright and transparent glass spotless in the depths of memory she also smiled at him like this but at that time he did not cherish that now for him is a thousand gold hard to change the smile dark blue eyes more and more gloomy silence looking at the two people hugging each other tightly under the lamp all he can do is quietly turn away With a heart that is no longer complete and a painful love for her turn around and leave Bless them Forgive his selfishness and he is not so broad-minded He can't give it He sighed lightly and he was going back to the lonely and cold world he had been in That does not want to let anyone set foot in has always been his own world

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