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Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

They could not imagine what was farther away than distant India nor could they believe what a vast world there was farther away from the northern provinces of the Empire As for the familiar islands in the Mediterranean people still know them but even so they are puzzled by the signs that are obviously different from the islands they are familiar with But in spite of this no one dared to question the map because they knew that whenever the emperor assigned tasks to them again and again they were handed a very similar map and the marked places on it were more detailed and accurate than any map they knew A divine revelation "Beloved of God" …… This is how people explain what they see in the emperor but what they don't know is that when they hear such cheers Lunge is not happy about it Just like now when he heard a rather exciting news he just stood in front of the huge map inlaid with stones of various colors and was in a silent trance The Roman fleet attacked Sicily When the news came both the Romans and the prayers could not help cheering As early as the time of Emperor Manuel the Romans fought and clashed with the Sicilians again and again and the Sicilians relying Gifts & Crafts on their powerful fleets kept devouring the Roman islands in the Mediterranean Sea Compared with the greed and caution of the Sardinians the Sicilians were simply unscrupulous and as a powerful king of the Kingdom of Sicily William II was like a tireless and diligent peasant opening up the islands that originally belonged to Rome in the Mediterranean Sea This made the Romans angry and helpless at the same time Whenever the news of an island asking for help came people could not give them any help except a sigh of sympathy and then they watched the islands fall into the hands of Sicilians one by one And now the Roman fleet not only severely taught the Sicilian fleet but also let their islands taste the power of the Romans so when the news came the surprise and joy even made the ministers waiting in the corridor give a fierce cheer! However to people's slight surprise Lenger who was listening to the report of Coninus the Chancellor of the Exchequer did not show any joy He went to the map and looked carefully at the huge unfinished stone map on the ground He could not help but fall into a long meditation After hearing the news several ministers who had quietly entered the Council chamber stood silently behind the emperor and waited They saw Lunge pick up the long wooden pole beside him and keep drawing on the map With these movements he sometimes whispered to himself and sometimes frowned Maximian Renge suddenly began to cry Your Majesty Maximian heard the call and went over at once Did our fleet burn the port of Sicily Lunge asked "According to those who saw it it was China Manufacturers " replied Maximian with a slight excitement "Some of the people who came from Sicily said that they had seen the fire in the harbor of the island and that they had seen the Roman fleet leave According to those people all the ships were heavy as if they were loaded with stones" "That's Aseline's booty" Lenger smiled at Maximian's description and then he turned to Coninus who was about to speak and waved his hand "Don't be so stingy They did a great job this time so the booty is their own" "That's a lot of money" The ministers could not help but look at each other with some concern in their hearts Of course they knew Lunge's love for Aseline but they could not help feeling a little worried when they saw that the emperor had opened his mouth to relieve them of such a rich wealth that should have been paid to the empire "Your Majesty allow me to advise you" said Corninius in a dull voice "that Rome is now in the greatest need of money whether it is the land distributed to the peasants under your new land laws or the inland cities that are gradually allowing the Franks to do business which requires a great deal of money from the Empire and you know that this is not the case It is a tragedy for Rome that the financial surplus left in Isaac's time could not even cover some of the simplest expenditures of the Empire and with what the Roman fleet did we have seen their power and the wealth they could bring to Rome but now your Sports & Entertainment decision is dangerous That will make Rome lose its restraint on them Coninus's face was expressionless and he did not seem to know that he was accusing the Roman emperor nor did he know that the "they" he was talking about was actually the woman favored by the emperor Lunge listened in silence After a while he looked at Corninus and asked in a low voice "Do you think I'm spoiling my woman" "In fact you spoil her too much Renger!" A slightly resentful voice came from not far away and Humphrey stepped over the ministers to Lunge "You can't give her everything she wants That will only make her feel that she deserves more" Lenger looked at his upright friend for a long time and when people began to worry he smiled "I should really thank God for giving me a good friend and only in this way can I really be a good friend" And he waved to everyone "Come here Maybe you should see this" Led by Lunge the people gathered around the map Not long ago King William of Sicily had reached an agreement between France and England "Lenger said looking at Maximian beside him and when he saw his secretary nodding to confirm he went on" According to the agreement between them although William no longer sent out crusaders in fact Sicilians preferred to defeat Saracens with gold rather than spears So William will stock up on his own island with enough supplies for both countries for the Crusaders to use in the East 。

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