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Why choose the Nibav home elevators?

Our House elevators Thailand uses 90% less energy than comparable alternatives, requires 90% less maintenance, and only a tiny installation area. We offer a tasteful design, European safety norms, and no infrastructural impact on your house.

  • This Vacuum Home Lifts is perfect for townhouses and other tiny places where a normal residential elevator would be cumbersome as a simple and affordable alternative to using stairs.

  • The Elevator cylinder can fit through a 32-inch finished floor hole because it is the smallest of the three vacuum elevator versions.

  • Instead of having a massive elevator shaft, this standalone home elevator sits on the existing ground floor and offers a wonderful panoramic view as you move from floor to floor inside your house.

  • A cabin fan will keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature while an LED light will keep the cabin lighted throughout ascents and descents.

To run this enormous elevator, a single-phase 3.7 kVA power source is all that is required. This is similar to how much electricity your washer and dryer consume. In comparison to other elevator models, the pneumatic vacuum elevator utilizes the least amount of electricity, benefiting the environment and saving money. In the same way as the other models in our collection, it descends without the use of energy. Your life will be easier if you avoid the stairs, and your power cost won't be significantly affected. Call @+662 002 6622 or read our blog post on how pneumatic vacuum elevators operate in Thailand.

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  • Nov 29 2022
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